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Sexual Harassment (11 Steps)

1. Is there a need for a criminal investigation?
2. Notify chain of command
3. Written notification of complaint and request IA (to be completed by IA)
4. Notify accused within two working days (Stop/confidential)
5. Notify complainant that accused has been notified (IA/confidential)
6. Is there a need for internal on sergeant? (Did not address complaint)
7. Determine accuracy of complaint
8. Is there a need to transfer the accused member?
9. Keep chain of command updated
10. Offer EAP to complainant
11. Notify parties involved of outcome in writing


Drug Screening
Reasonable Suspicion Screening Procedures

1. Report to member's Division Captain, via CoC
2. Division Captain shall arrange for a drug test immediately after being so informed
3. Employee shall be placed on administrative leave status
4. Division Captain will arrange for time/location of drug test
5. Supervisory personnel will accompany employee throughout process.
6. Employee will not be permitted to operate a motor vehicle or possess agency issued firearms.
7.Chief Deputy shall decide if the member is to be returned to admin status or relieved of duty.