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Pulmonary Rehab

Tailored, multidisciplinary program designed to:
*Stabilize/reverse physical & psychological effects of disease
*Return pt to highest possible fxnl level
*Provide emotional support


What are the goals for pulm rehab?

*Control & alleviate the sx's & pathophysiological complications of respiratory impairments
*Train pt's to achieve optimal capacity to do ADL's
*Decr exacerbations & hospitalizations
*Incr exercise tol
*Return pt back to their job
*Decr psych sx's
*Promote independence
*Improve QOL


What pt pops are candidates for pulm rehab?

*Obstructive diseases
*Restrictive diseases
*Pulmonary diseases
*Vascular diseases
*Lung transplant/resection
*Volume reduction
*Occupation/environmental irritants


What are the outcomes of pulm rehab?

*Decr hospitalization
*Decr use of medical resources
*Incr exercise tol
*Possible return to work
*Incr knowledge of the dx
*Incr survival rates
*Improve psychosocial sx's
*Improved QOL


What are the parts of the PT pulm rehab exam?

*Medical clearance
*Chest radiography
*Resting ECG
*Blood chem
*Exercise tests


What exercise tests are done in pulm rehab?

*Stress test
*Metabolic studies
*Monitor pt status


Exercise Prescription for Pulm Rehab

*3-5x/wk w/weekend walks

*20-45min of aerobic exercise

*Warm-up & cool-down
*2min rest between modalities
*Incorporate deep breathing during rest


How should you determine a pt's optimal HR?

30-30BAR or Karvonen

*Can also be sx dervived based on dyspnea scale, breathing patterns, & SpO2


What is the minimum SpO2 a pt can have to exercise?



What are the benefits of intermittent training?

*Achieve higher intensity w/less fatigue
*Permits different muscle groups to be stressed
*Allows for more diverse muscle groups to be stressed


Pulmonary Stress Test

Objective assessment of impaired fxn & exercise disability to
*Aid in diff-dx of exertion-limiting dyspnea
*Guide prescription & assessment for respiratory tx


True or False: Pulm rehab should be a 1st resort.



When should pulm rehab be implemented into a pt's POC for it to be the most successful?

The earlier the better