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Mission of the Marine division?

to execute amphibious assault operations and such other operations as may be directed


Primary Mission of HQ Battalion

Exercise command and control, and administration of the Marine division


What does HQ battalion contain?

H&S Company
Recon Company
MP Company
Communications Company
Truck Company
Division Band
Division HQ H&S Company
Special Security Communications Team


What does the H&S Company do?

Provide command, administrative and security functions and organic supply for the HQ battalion


What does Recon Company do?

Provides ground recon and surveillance in support of division.


What does Recon Company consist of?

HQ Section and 6 Recon Platoons


What does the MP Company do?

Route recon, evacuation and control of enemy EPW, beach and perimeter defense, area security, crowd control, and investigative services.


What does Communications Company do?

Installs, operates, and maintains comm facilities for Division HQ. Includes Multichannel radio, wire and comm center facilities.


What does Truck Company do?

Provide general support motor transport to MarDiv


Primary mission of Infantry Regiment?

to locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel his assault by fire and close combat.


What does the Infantry Regiment consist of?

HQ Company, Two or More Infantry Battalions (normally three)


The HQ company of the infantry element consists of?

Regimental HQ and Recon Platoon


When combined with other combat support and Combat Service Support units the Regiment forms what?

Regimental Landing Team


What is the basic means of ground mobility of the regiment?



Regimental HQ consists of?

S-1 through S-4, Command, Medical and Chaplain sections


Communications Section of HQ BN consists of?

Platoon HQ, Radio Section, Comm Center, Electronics Maintenance Section and Wire Section


Company HQ has what sections?

Mess, Motor-T, Supply and HQ Sections


What is the Primary mission of the infantry battalion?

to locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel his assault by fire and close combat


What does the infantry battalion consist of?

H&S Company, Weapons Company and Three Rifle Companies


When combined with combat support or CSS units, it forms what?

Battalion Landing Teams


H&S Company for Infantry Battalion consists of?

BLT HQ, Comm PLT, Chaps Sections, SVC PLT, Medical PLT


What does Weapons Company consist of?

Company HQ, Mortar PLT, Anti-armor PLT and Heavy Machine Gun PLT


What does Rifle Company consist of?

Company HQ, Rifle Platoons and Weapons Platoons


What weapon does the fire team leader carry?

M16A4 or M4 Carbine rifle with M203 grenade launcher


The squad automatic rifleman carry?

M249 Squad Automatic Rifle (SAW)


Who usually carries the M4 Carbine?

Squad Leaders, officers and enlisted personnel of PLT HQ.


The weapons platoon has how many machine guns?

6 M240G machine guns


The weapons platoon has how many mortars?

3 M224 60-mm mortars


The weapons platoon has how many assault weapons?

6 MK 153 83-mm shoulder launched multipurpose assault weapons (SMAWs)


What is the mission of the rifle squad?

locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver , or to repel his assault by fire and close combat


What does the rifle squad consist of?

Three fire teams, built around a SAW and fire team leader


What is the duties and responsibilities of the squad leader?

Carriers out orders issued to him by the platoon commander. He is responsible for discipline, appearance, training, control, conduct and welfare of his squad at all times.


Fire team leader duties and responsibilities?

Carriers out orders from the squad leader. He is responsible for the fire discipline and control of his fire team and economical use of its weapons and equipment. He is also responsible as the grenadier. The senior fire team leader serves as assistant squad leader.


Automatic Rifleman duties and responsibilities?

Carriers out orders of the fire team leader. He is responsible for the effective employment of the automatic rifle. (M249 SAW)


Assistant Rifleman duties and responsibilities?

Assists the automatic rifleman. He carrier additional mags/ammo boxes for his automatic rifle and prepared to assume the duties of the automatic rifleman.


Rifleman duties and responsibilities?

Carries out the orders of the fire team leader. The rifleman is a trained scout. He is responsible for condition and care of his weapon.


What are the three fighting positions?

Primary, Alternate and Supplementary


A fighting position is?

A location on the ground from which fire is delivered by an individual, a fire unit squad or fire team), or CSW.


What must the fire position allow?

Good fields of fire, make maximum use of available cover and concealment and facilitate exercise of fire control by the unit leader.


Primary fighting position is?

Best available position from which the assigned sector of fire can be covered.


Alternate fighting position is?

Primary used for crew served weapons. Used to continue to accomplish its original mission when the primary position becomes untenable or unsuited for carrying out that mission.


Supplementary fighting position is?

Prepared to guard against attack from directions other than those from which the main attack is suspected. It does not cover the same sector of fire as the primary position.


What are the eight guidelines that should be observed when clearing the fields of fire?

1. Do not disclose the squads fighting position
2. Start clearing near the fighting position
3. Leave a thin natural screen of foliage
4. In sparsely wooded areas, remove the lower branches of scattered trees and may be desirable to remove entire trees
5. In heavy wooded areas, Restrict to thinning undergrowth and removing lower branches. Clear narrow lane of fire for automatic weapons.
6. Demolish buildings and walls forward of fighting positions which may obstruct fields of fire.
7. Move cut brush to locations where it will not furnish concealment to the enemy or disclose the squads fighting position.
8. Fields of fire must be cleared of obstructions may cause premature detonation of M203 projectiles.


What does FPF stand for?

Final Protective Fires


If the enemy's attack is not broken and he begins to assault what will be called?

Final Protective Fires


Where do fire team leaders fire the M203?

The largest concentration of enemy personnel within the fire team sector.


What is a checkpoint?

A predetermined point on the ground used as a means of controlling movement.


Checkpoints are assigned how?

Assigned in numbers in no sequential order.


What is a rally point?

An easily identifiable point on the ground, designated by the patrol leader, where the patrol can reassemble/reorganized if it becomes dispersed.


What should a rally point provide?

Cover and Concealment


What are the three types of rally points?

Initial, En route, Objective


Initial rally point is....

Point within the friendly area where the patrol can reassemble if it becomes dispersed before departing the friendly area.


En route rally point is...

Points selected along the patrols route to the objective and from the objective back to friendly lines/area.


Objective rally point is...

Rally point nearest the objective, which the patrol reassembles after its mission is accomplished.


How many meters is it for a near ambush?

Enemy within 50 meters


How far is it for a far ambush?

Enemy is beyond 50 meters


During a near ambush what happens?

Men in the killing zone start to fire without order, they yell, throw grenades and fire the maximum rate and men not in the killing zone maneuver against the ambush force, firing in support of those assaulting.


During a far ambush what happens?

Men in the killing zone immediately return fire, take cover and continue firing until directed otherwise and men not in the killing zone maneuver against the ambush force as directed.


What does training do?

Gives the Marine the confidence and ability to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.


What is the five types of patrols?

Raid, Ambush, Contact, Economy of Forces, Security


What does a Raid Patrol do?

destroy or capture enemy personnel or equipment, destroy installations and free friendly personnel who have been captured


What does an Ambush Patrol do?

Ambushed enemy patrols, carrying parties, foot columns and convoys


What does a Contact Patrol do?

Establish and/or maintain contact with friendly or enemy forces.


What does an Economy of Force Patrol do?

Perform limited objective missions such as seizing and holding key terrain to allow max. forces to be used elsewhere.


What does a Security Patrol do?

Detect infiltration by the enemy, kill or capture infiltrators, and protect against surprise or ambush.