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What are the five development methodologies?

Waterfall lifecycle, Agile modelling, Extreme programming and Rapid application development.


How does the waterfall lifecycle model work?

Each step is completed one at a time from beginning to end in a linear fashion. Requirements are established in the early stages and subsequent stages focus on meeting the requirements.


How does Rapid application development work?

RAD is an iterative approach to software development in practice this means when part of the project is available the client can evaluate it and confirm it meets their requirements, the project then moves forward to develop more features and the cycle is repeated.


How does extreme programming work?

Extreme programming works off a code first idea, there is almost constant iteration whilst the code is being developed. The first stage is to take a small portion of the overall project and outline a plan to complete the portion, the code for the feature is written as a pair, one explains other critiques