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What are the four computer related legislation in this section?

The data protection act of 1998
The computer misuse act of 1990
The copyright design and patents act of 1988
The regulation of investigatory powers act 2000


What does the data protection act of 1998 state?

Anyone who stores personal details must keep them secure.


What principles does the data protection act of 1998 include?

Data must be processed Fairly
Data must be relevant
Data must be Accurate
Data must be Necessary while retained
Data must be for the Purpose it was collected
Data must be Secure
Data must respect Rights
Data must not leave the EU without proper protection.


How many principles does the Computer misuse act of 1990 contain?



What are the legal stipulations of downloading a piece of music, software or video?

It is illegal to give a copy to a friend.
It is illegal to make a copy and sell it.
It is illegal to use the software on a network unless the licence allows for it.


Who does the Copyright design and patents act apply to?

Any individual or organisation that produces media is protected by the Copyright, Design and Patents act.


What is the consequence of the Copyright, Design and patents act?

Other parties are not allowed to reproduce or redistribute it without permission.


What is the Data protection act of 1998 designed to do?

The Data Protection Act is designed to protect personal data and focuses on the data holder.


What sort of data is protected by the Data Protection act?

Sensitive data.


What are the three offences the Computer Misuse act of 1998 introduced?

Unauthorised access to computer material.
Unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of further offences.
Unauthorised modification of computer material.


What steps could a company take to prevent illegal copying of their software?

ensuring the software will only run with the Dongle present in a USB port.
user must enter a Unique key before the software is installed.
ensuring the software will only run with the CD in the drive.