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whats the good better and best of evalution

good: measuring targeted audience and media placements... better: measuring retention and comprhension... best: measuring behavior and attitude change


Evalutation best practices: Public relations personnel and mangement should agree on the critetia to be used to evaluate ____ in attaining objectives



Evalutation best practices: Evalutation starts in the planning stage, as the PR problem or opportunity takes the form of _______to be measured against

goals and objectives


4 evalutaion tactics

tracking by request for more information (800 and online) ... measurement by cost effectiveness ( Cost Per Thousand CPM and ROI)... day after recall of key messages...sales donation letters texts


Evaluation tactics 3

tracking by pilot message (different per city and publics) ... event measurement (attendance, audience rating, audience behavior).... newsletter or e news letter readership metrdics


good vs bad evaluation

good: web analytics .. bad: ad value equivalency