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essential questions for an event

who what where when how why


what is strategic conflict management

communication strategies and processes to influence the course of conflicts to the benefit o the organization and , when possible, to the benefit of constituents.


strateigc conflict management entails (4)

strategic: for the purpose of acheiving particular objectives.. conflict: sharp disagreements or opposition resulting in a direct, overt threat of attack from another entity... management: planned delibrate action... competition: striving for the same object, position, or prize as others


strategic conflict management requires

behavior: honorable ethical, defensivible... mission: worthy organizational ... integrity: public advocacy... mutual benefit between and among the organization and its stakeholders


what are the 2 types of threat appraisal

organizational and situational


organzial threat appraisal

do you have the knowledge, time, finacnes, and managemtn commitment to combat the threat


situational threat appraisal

how do you assess the severity of the threat, how much is uncertain


conflict management life cycle (proactive)

environmental scanning, issues tracking, issues management, crisis planning


CMLC an idenfited issues needs concerted action (strategic)

risk communication: dangers or threats are conveyed to forestall possible negative ramifications... conflict posiitoning: strageties through which the orgnaization can poisition itself favorably in anticipation of some negative action or threat... crisis management: a plan for the issues of concern


CMLC The issue has reached critical organizal impact (reactive)

crisis communication... Litigation PR: in support of legal action... conflict resolution


CMLC Research to learn the state of the organizations repuatation and improve it

fixing extreme repuation damage


poorly handed conflicts can become ____



crisis requires:

plan considering probability and potential impacts, factual two communication