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What’s most important is that you develop fro UX?

Your attitude towards learning (and practicing) UX design.


To become a mature, hireable UX designer, you will need to develop professionally on three key aspects:

- UX design skills
- Communication skills
- Attitude towards problems


It goes without saying that you cannot be a UX design professional without...

Honing your skills in UX design tools and methodologies


Developing your ________ and _______ is so important for a successful career in UX design

- communication skills
- problem-solving attitude


The third aspect of a professional UX designer is the right attitude towards _________________.

problem solving


Each design solution is unique and tailored to the _______________ of a ________________, or project specification and scope.

- individual needs
- certain client


To face wicked problems and navigate through conflicting requirements, you will need a _________ and a certain mentality towards ____________.

- courage of heart
- solving problems


As a UX designer, you will need to exhibit __________, the ability to ___________, natural ___________ and a commitment to thorough and methodical approaches by ______________.

- passion
- take initiative
- curiosity
- trial and error


As a UX designer, you need to connect to a real ____________ problem.



Most changes in working life are made for the good of ______________.

the business


Being curious is important so you can understand ________________________________ a certain way while also being open to try new ideas.

why something was done


You don’t need to roll the dice daily throughout your career, but you do need to _________________ and ____________________.

- step outside of your comfort zone
- reach for more-challenging objectives


An environment that doesn’t help you develop in any of our three core areas ( ___________, ___________, ___________ ) is not worth your time.

- UX design skills
- Communication skills
- Attitude towards problems


Remember to practice and show not just _________ but also your willingness to _____________, address its components and use your_______________ skills to analyze the problem and demonstrate the results.

- technical ability
- break a problem down
- communication


What are Wicked Problems?

are problems with many interdependent factors making them seem impossible to solve.


Wicked problems in UX design are… (3 points)
A - An opportunity to learn and develop yourself as a designer
B - Something better left to the experts
C - A dark pattern of design that influences user behaviors



A UX portfolio… (1 point)
A - Only contains examples of the end designs you have created
B - Contains a list of the skills you have fully—or partially—mastered
C - Contains examples of work demonstrating the process you took to arrive at a final design