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Movements -Kwang- Gae



Diagram-Kwang- Gae

Underlined plus sign



Is named after the famous Kwang-Gae-Toh-Wang, the 19th King of the Koguryo Dynasty, who regained all the previously lost territories including the greater part of Manchuria. The diagram for this pattern represents the expansion and recovery of this lost territory. The 39 movements refer to the first the figures of A.D. 391. The year he came to the throne.


Ready Stance-Kwang- Gae

Parallel stance with a heaven hand


Movements - Po-Eun



Diagram - Po- Eun

A single horizontal line



Po- Eun is the pseudonym of the loyal subject and famous poet Chong Mong-Chu (1400). His poem "I Would Not Serve A Second Master Though I Might Be Crucified a Hundred Times" is known to every Korean. He was also a pioneer in the field of physics. The diagram for the pattern represents his unerring loyalty to his King and country towards the end of the Koryo Dynasty.


Ready Stance - Po-Eun

Parallel Stance with a Heaven Hand


Movements- Gae-Baek



Diagram - Gae-Baek

A straight, vertical line



Gae-Baek is named after Gae-Baek, a great general in the Baek-Je Dynasty (660 A. D.). The diagram for the pattern represents his strict and severe military discipline.


Ready Stance - Gae- Baek

Parallel Ready Stance


New Kicks

1. Pick-Shape Kick
2. Flying Downward Kick
3. Flying Twin Foot Side Piercing Kick-2 targets
4. Flying Twin Foot Turning Kick -1 target
5. Flying Twin Foot High Kick - 1 or 2 targets
6. Flying Double Kicks
7. Flying Two Consecutive Kicks
8. Flying Two Combination Kicks
9. Mid-Air Double Kicks


The Nine (9) Guidelines of the Philosophy of Taekwon Do

1. Be willing to go where the going may be tough and do the things that are worth doing even though they are difficult
2. Be gentle to the weak and tough to the strong
3. Be content with what you have in money and position but never in skills
4. Always finish what you begin, be it large or small
5. Be a willing teacher to anyone regardless of religion, race, or ideology
6. Never yield to repression or threat in a pursuit of a noble cause
7. Teach attitude and skill with action rather than words
8. Always be yourself even though your circumstances may change
9. Be the eternal teacher who teaches with the body when young, with words when old, and by moral precept even after death


New Techniques - Kwang-Gae

1. Closed stance side fist downward side strike
2. Closed stance knife-hand inward low front block


New Techniques - Po-Eun

1. Sitting stance fore-fist pressure block
2. Sitting stance inner forearm wedging block
3. Sitting stance elbow rear thrust
4. Sitting stance fore-fist horizontal punch
5. X-stance with stepping motion
6. L-stance arc-hands U-shape grasp
7. Closed stance twin elbow horizontal thrust
8. Sitting stance reverse knife-hand low guarding block


New Techniques- Gae-Baek

1. Sitting stance back fist front strike
2. Sitting stance outer forearm nine-shape block
3. L-Stance middle knuckle fist middle punch
4. Walking stance high arc-hands double block
5. Sitting stance palm scooping block


New Stances

1. Open ready stance with heaven hands
2. One- leg stance -base leg is straight with the other reverse footsword at inner base leg's knee not touching. Base leg determines the stance