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What are the four steps to assign tasks in ServiceNow:

Add users to groups
Apply roles to groups
Assign tasks to groups
Assign tasks to users


What are Assignment rules and where can you find them?

Rules that are used to automatically set a value in the Assigned to and/or Assignment group fields of a task record

System Policy > Rules > Assignment module


What are Assignment lookup rules and where can you find them?

Assignment rules that only applies to incident records

System Policy > Rules > Assignment Lookup Rules


Where can you find all work assigned to you or your group?

Service Desk > My Work

Service Desk > My Groups Work


What does the user presence feature offer?

It facilitates synchronous collaboration within one record

- allows you to see who is online, their current status, and what they are viewing or editing, all in real-time.


What is real-time editing?

Its an extension of user presence and improves collaboration by allowing you to edit records in real-time as well as see edits (indicated by a pulse icon) saved by other users

You can see their:
- state
- what their edits are


What is/does the activity stream inline editor offer?

It enables users to contribute to actual work within a record without opening a form interface

Opens from list view


What does the Visual Task Boards allow you to do? (3)

Manage your tasks through a visual, drag-and-drop interface

Identify process bottlenecks at a glance

Track activity to view updates all in one place


What is the connect chat?

A messaging tool that lets you work with others in real-time


What is the Connect Workspace?

It provides a full-screen view of all your Connect Chat conversations in one place


What are the three types of Visual Task Boards?

- boards are not based on field values from record lists, and records do not update when cards are moved

Guided boards
- boards are based on fields values from record lists and records update when cards are moved

- based on fields values from record lists and records do not update when cards are moved


What are the four common elements of a Visual Task Board?

Taskboard Tools (header, offers settings etc)

Quick Panel (below taskboard tools)

Lanes (middle)

Cards (several cards inside the lanes)


Which tab contains the Activity Stream for a task?

The Notes Tab


When can you send a notification through a system?

When a record is inserted or updated in a specified table if the specified conditions are met


Where can you find the notifications that are currently defined on the Now Platform?

System notifications > Email > Notifications


When configuring an email notification, where can you choose field values from the record to include within the message?

Select variables


Which three tabs are used to configure an email notification?

When to send
Who will receive
What it will contain


Which feature allows users to manage which notifications they receive about various activities occurring in the platform?



Where can users set their notifications subscription preferences?

System settings


What can trigger a notification?

Record inserted or updated

Event is fired

A script


How is dot-walking used when configuring a notification?

Identify recipient (Users/Groups in fields)

Populate data in the notification (${number} or ${URI_REF})


Where can you access existing reports as well as creating new ones?

Reports > View/Run (new opens Report Designer)

Reports > Administration


What is a metric used for? (2)

Metrics measure data over time to show past history

Metrics can gather data as the data is update


What are the four tabs used to guide the user through creating a new report in the report designer?



What should you consider when exporting a report to PDF and sharing the exported file? (2)

Information may be obsolete (not updated)

Access control is not enforced on exported data