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Cultural Deprivation

Intellectual and language skills

Attitudes, values and family structure


Intellectual and language skills

Theory claims low income black families lack intellectual stimulation -> Failure of reasoning and problem solving

Poorer black families is ungrammatical and disjointed (Bereiter and Engelman)


Attitudes, values and family structure

Fatalism and immediate gratification

Lack of male role models

The impact of slavery

Asian families -> Chinese and Indian pupils benefit from supportive famillies (Sewell)

Fathers, gangs and culture (Sewell)


Compensatory Education

Operation Head Start-Established to compensate children for the cultural deficit they are said to suffer because of deprived backgrounds (USA

Sure Start- Aims to support the development of pre-school children in deprived areas


Criticism of cultural deprivation

Victim blaming

Cultural exclusion (Ball)

Cultural domination- Compensatory education imposed the dominant white middle-class culture on minority ethnic group culture


Material deprivation and class

Half of ethnic minority children live in low-income households

Ethnic minority's are twice more likely to be unemployed

Minorities face discrimination in the housing and labour markets


Racism in wider society

Racial discrimination in jobs and housing
> Social exclusion
> Unemployment, low pay, inadequate housing
> Affects children's education


Internal factors and ethnic differences


Pupil subcultures

Ethnocentricity and institutional racism


Labelling (Black pupils)

Higher levels of exclusion of black boys

Black pupils being placed in lower sets or streams

Teachers have racialise do expectations (Threatening and more discipline problems)


Labelling (Asian pupils)

Assumed the children have a poor grasp of English

Mispronounced children's names

Saw them as a problem they could ignore

Girls are marginallised and prevented from participating fully

Passive and comformist, Asian boys are seen to be more feminine (Connolly)


Pupil subcultures

Conformists (technically keenos)

Innovators (Pro ed but not teacher's approval)

Retreatists (Isolated individuals disconnected from school and black subcultures)

Rebels (aim to be in the 'street hood')


Ethnocentric Curriculum (Sociologists)

Gives priority to white culture and the English Language (Troyna and Williams)

National Curriculum is a specifically British (David)

History curriculum in British schools recreates past glories, ignores black and Asian history (Ball)


Other examples of institutional racist

Selection and segregation


Access to opportunities: Whites are twice more likely as black pupils to be identified as gifted and talented. Tikly and Strand found blacks were more likely to be entered for lower tier exams

New IQism: IQ tests to allocate pupils to different streams on entry, based on false assumption that potential is fixed quality that can be measured.