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If a person is in possession of a firearm, airguns, pistol or restricted weapon, what must they produce?

Section 40: Full name, Address, DOB to any police in full uniform or who produces ID

Fails to do so or continues to refuse may be arrested


What are the 5 steps to follow in the instance of a firearm discharge

Mark the discharging employees position, empty cartridge cases, bullet fragments and any other items or people associated with the discharge

Preserve the cartridge cases and where possible the bullet/fragments

Secure the firearm and remaining rounds, making the firearm as safe as soon as practicable recording any action taken.

Preserve and photograph the scene where it is believed this may be necessary or relevant for subsequent enquiries

Advise the employees immediate supervisor who will advise the district commander. Report this use of force in compliance with the use of force reporting requirements.


What are the two likely occurrences when investigating a UD?

Operator error

Mechanic fault


When must a tactical options report be conducted when an employee uses a firearm?

Destruction of animals


Who completes a tactical options report when a firearm is discharged resulting in injury or non-fatal police shooting?

Must be submitted by a supervisor.


Who must be notified when a Tazer is shown or used?

A supervisor as soon as practicable, or in the case of employees in rural areas the nearest on duty supervisor


What are the main roles of a coroner?

Receive a report of death from Police
Decide whether to direct a post mortem (latin for after death)
Authorise the release of the body
Decide whether to open an inquiry and if one is to be conducted whether an inquest should be held


What are the purposes of a coroners inquiry?

To establish:
That a person has died
The persons ID
When and where the person died
The causes of the death
The circumstances of the death


Who has the ability to sign off on a VOD declaration?

Registered Med Prac
Registered Midwife
Intensive care paramedic

The deceased cannot leave Police control until a VOD has been completed


When a death is one that Police must report to the coroner underSection 13...

The coroner has exclusive right to custody of the body.


When may Police hand a body onto family for immediate arrangements?

When there are no suspicious circumstances.
The deceaseds doctor is located and a certain as to cause of death is issued
It is not a coroners matter


A Constable may take the identifying particulars of a person who is in lawful custody...

If that person is detained for committing an offence and is-
At a Police station
or other such place

Identifying particulars-
Name address DOB photo fingerprints

Place includes anywhere


What are the main purposes of a VIS

Provide information to the court about the effects of offending
Assist court in understanding the victims views
Inform the offender of the impact of their offending

Do not use police jargon
Should be in victim speak


Are VIS mandatory?

Yes, ensure there is available before the second appearance


Section 29

Sexual Nature
Serious assault
Serious injury or death
Ongoing fears of serious assault