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Our goals

Safe homes:
Free from crime and victimisation

Safe roads:
Preventing death and injury with our partners

Safe communities:
People are safe wherever they live, work and visit


Our functions

Keep the peace
Maintain public safety
Law enforcement
Crime prevention
Community support and reassurance
National security
Policing activities outside NZ
emergency management


Our mission

To prevent crime and harm through exceptional policing


Our vision

To be the safest country


Our purpose

To ensure everybody can be safe and feel safe


Our people

- Safe and feel safe
- Valued
- Fair to all
- Compassionate and reflective


Our leadership

Creating an environment where we:
- Live our values, individually ND collectively
- Are inclusive: Everyone can be themselves
- Enable our people to be their best, using PHPF


Our Culture

Collective effort for shared outcomes
Bringing humanity to every interaction


Our goals

Safe Homes
Safe Roads
Safe Community


Prevention First

Deploy to beat demand

Target the drivers of demand

Mindset: Taking every opportunity to prevent harm


Drivers of crime

Organised crime
Mental health

Most incidents that Police attend will involve more than one driver


To deliver on mindset
Taking every opportunity to prevent harm, we will

Demonstrate our organisation values and code of conduct in every interaction

Provide a proactive and consistent service to victims and offenders by always using risk assessment process for dealing with offenders and victims

Build relationships of trust to improve information sharing with partner agencies and communities that engage with victims and offenders

Focus on victims needs in order to respond quickly and considerately to victims

Create useful victim intervention plans and increase the proportion of vips completed in each area

Always use the agreed offender management approach

Make sure every member of the team knows how their work contributes to our organisational goals, through the PHPF