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Urgent Duty Driving (UDD)

Must be able to be justified in response to threat, where ever possible, lights and sirens are continually used unless a tactical response is undertaken.

No duty is so urgent that it requires the public or police to be placed at unjustified risk.

Responding to a critical incident
Gathering evidence of an alleged offence
Apprehending an offended for a traffic or criminal offence
Apprehending a fleeing driver
Providing security to and facilitating the movement of, an official motorcade as part of an operation
Engaged in activities approved by the commissioner in writing


There are two pursuit vehicles already involved in a pursuit. Can a third join?

Excluding delta, only if directed/approved by a pursuit controller


Steps to be carried out immediately after direction or decision to abandon

Acknowledge direction
Immediately reduce speed
Deactivate warning devices
Stop as soon as safe to do so
Confirm you are stationary and state location
Undertake an enquiry phase as directed by DWS