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When is the preliminary investigation is required?

For offenses where the penalty prescribed by law is atleast 4 years, 2 months and 1 day (or Prision Correccional in its medium period) without regard to fine. (Rule 112, Sec. 1 para 2)


In a rape case, jurisdiction is conferred by



If the prosecutor made an unfavorable resolution of a complaint in an preliminary investigation or inquest investigation, where can the accused file petition of review of the said resolution?

None of the above daw


While on police mobile patrol, police officers A and B sighted C stabbing E to death, A and B chased C who barge into the house of E. A and B entered the house of E where they found one kilo of Shabu . A and B arrested C. A and B also arrested E for drug possession and took the one kilo of shabu to the police station without a search warrant. Did A and B violate the rule on criminal procedure?

No, Search in the incident of lawful arrest in plain view doctrine
Hot pursuit


Validity of warrant of arrest expires

Does not expires


The duty of the prosecution to present evidence to prove the guilt of an accused

Burden of Proof


When can arrest be made

Anytime of the day or night


The following are the pre-requisites before a court can validly exercise jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction over the person of the accused
Jurisdiction over the territory
Jurisdiction over the subject matter


Even if the offended party is a minor, she can initiate the prosecution for the crime of seduction. This statement is.

Totally true


The wife dies before she could institute a criminal action for concubinage against her husband and his concubine. The case may...

Could not prosecute


Who among the following may prove the handwriting of a person in an open court

Expert witness and ordinary witness


Should entries in the police blotter be given probative value? Yes or No or partly

Partly no


Even there is no evidence and no witness at all against him, the suspect bothered by his conscience surrendered to the police and freely, willfully and voluntarily confess his guilt in writing. Can the police arrest him? Yes or no or partly



A police officer testified in court on direct examination. Subsequently, he refused without justifiable reason to be crossed examined. The remedy of the counsel to the accuse is to motion the judge to arrest the Police Officer so he can be examined. Yes or no or partly



The RTC can take judicial notice, the rape may be committed even in public places"public setting" of the rape is not an indication of consent. A man overcome by perversity and beastly passion chooses neither time, place occasion nor victim. True or False, Partly.



The testimony of a single witness

May be believe even if not corroborated


All except one of the following is hearsay.

The testimony of a complaint regarding text messages he received from the accused.


The police sought a questioning in connection with the killing of a victim. A was seen wearing a bloodstained shirt during an interrogation. A was not assisted by counsel, A admitted his guilt and surrendered the knife he used to commit the crime. What pieces of evidence is/are admissible?

Bloodstain daw


X was charged of robbery with rape. X subsequently testified on direct examination. In what matters may the prosecution cross examine X.

Matters involving only touched by X on direct examination.


Tender of excluded evidence can be made

Direct examination daw


Evidence to be credible must

must credible in itself daw


When the essential element of drug pushing cannot be prove, intent is enough to make the offender liable for attempt under section 26 of RA 9165. What intent is NOT included.

Intent to buy


Illegal possession of paraphernalia, when one or any turns positive for the use of dangerous drugs after confirmatory test, is ____ evidence of drug use.

Prima facie


Which among the following is not violence under RA 9262?
A. Economic
B. Psychological
C. Sexual
D. Physical
E. None of the above



Under RA 9262, damage to property is:

Psychological violence


Receiving services from a child in a massage parlor is:

Attempted child prostitution


Attempted child prostitution

Child trafficking


Attempted child prostitution

RA 7610


When a person is recruited to engage in prostitution with any member of the police force, the crime is

Qualified trafficking


Taking photo or video coverage of sexual act or capturing a image of persons private area is punish under the anti-photo and video voyeurism act of 2009, RA 9995. What private parts is excluded