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When the “FOAM” button is pressed, the “ON” status lamp will illuminate, indicating that the system is ready. The “ON” status lamp will ____ when foam is being injected.



The FoamPro system will monitor the ___ and ____ at the specified concentrate injection rate.

water flows / control foam injection


The system responds to variations in water flow by ____ the speed of the foam pump.

increasing or decreasing


When the "FOAM" button is again pressed, the “ON” status lamp will ____, indicating that the system is in ____ mode and the pump will stop but other system monitoring functions will continue.

extinguish / Stand-By


If water flow requirements exceed the capacity of the pump to deliver foam concentrate, the pump will run at maximum rate and “_____” will flash



If the flow decreases such that the required injection rate is less than the lowest rating of the pump, the pump will run at its minimum rate and " _____" will flash



The totaled values for water and foam concentrate pumped can be cleared from memory by performing a ____ function.



Using the “SELECT” button, select either “TOTAL WATER” or “TOTAL FOAM”. By ____ , the value shown is cleared and displayed as zero.

pressing and holding both the and buttons at the same time


When changing concentrate % : If either ▲ and ▼ button is held _____ , the value will increase or decrease accordingly.

down for a period of 2 seconds,


When a reset is performed in the % display mode (pressing both the ▲ and ▼ buttons at the _____) the foam concentrate injection rate is returned to the default value.

same time


Low Foam Tank Level:
If the tank is empty, the pump will not run for more than ____.

2 minutes.


Low Foam Tank Level:
A low foam concentrate tank level is denoted by “____” blinking on the display.

Lo Con


If _____ of low concentrate level is detected, the display will show “____”, the pump will stop, and the system will go to Stand By mode until the foam level is restored and the on button is depressed.

two consecutive minutes / No Con


Pump Error:
In the event that the pump motor will not run or stalls for ____, the display will show “____” to indicate that the pump is producing no feedback to the control signal.

10 seconds / ERR.EL


“____” – Foam delivery rate is below pump capability.



“____” – The water delivery rate is too high for the foam pump's capacity.



Priming the Foam Pump:
When the fire pump is running, the foam pump cannot pump air efficiently against ____

100 to 150 psi back pressure.


Priming the Foam Pump:
To re-establish foam concentrate flow quickly, the following procedure can be used:
1. Turn the CAL/INJECT valve to the ____ position.



To re-establish foam concentrate flow quickly, the following procedure can be used:
2. With the fire pump flowing water from a foam discharge gate and the FoamPro system
On, observe the ___ from the CAL/INJECT valve.



To re-establish foam concentrate flow quickly, the following procedure can be used:
3. When foam concentrate flows from the unit, turn the CAL/INJECT valve back to the
___ position. The pump is now primed and ready for normal operation.



Foam Refill System:
Pushing the ___ will start the foam pump/motor in the automatic refill mode.

green button


Foam Refill System:
When the tank is full, the green light will go on _____.



Foam Refill System:
To override the automatic mode or to run in the manual mode, ______. To stop the operation, release the red button. Caution must be taken not to hold the red button too long or the tank could ____.

push and hold the red button / overfill.


Foam Refill System:
The system comes with a foam pump/motor assembly,_____ , and a side-mount level indicator switch.

a refill wand with 6 feet of 1" ID suction hose


Automatic Refill Operation:
3. Turn the REFILL/FLUSH valve counterclockwise to the stop for the ____ position.
4. Press the ____ button once. The pump will start filling the foam tank. The GREEN
light will flash _____ while the pump is in operation.
5. When the foam tank is full, the GREEN light will illuminate solid and the pump will

REFILL / GREEN / on and off


Automatic Refill Operation:
6. The pump will run for ___ and then shut down if no flow is detected by the flow switch. After 20 seconds, the pump will ____
immediately after no flow is detected.
7. When the foam level drops in the foam tank, the GREEN light will go out.

20 seconds / shut down /


Manual Refill Operation:
2. Press and hold the ____ button to run the pump. The button will illuminate solid red
while the pump is running.
3. When the tank is full, as shown by the ____ light, release the RED button.

RED / solid GREEN


Flush Operation:
1. Turn the REFILL/FLUSH valve handle clockwise to the stop for the ____ position.



Flush Operation:
2. Place the pickup wand into a container of ___.
3. Place an empty container under the flush drain line.
4. ____ the RED button until discharge fluid is clear.

fresh water /Depress and hold


The system is capable of proportioning foam between ____.

0.1% to 3.0%