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It is capable of flowing ____ gpm while maintaining a FULL ___ of rotational travel
(____ either side of center position).

1250 / 450° / 225°


Maximum operating pressure is ____.

200 psi


Elevation range is ___ above horizontal and ___ below.

90° / 45°


The unit is also provided with a ____ tether cable and a wireless remote control.

30 foot


The monitor is made from ___ and silver powder coat finish inside and out.

hardcoat anodized ANSI 356.0-T6 aluminum


The automatic drain valve closes when the internal pressure is approximately ____ or above and opens when the internal pressure is below ____.

5 psi / 5 psi


Use of a stream straightener with a fog nozzle will increase the ___ and may lead to premature wear.

stress on the monitor’s gear train


Dont use a___ for the Max Flow 500 GPM nozzle.

stream straightener


The OSCILLATE feature allows the user to program up to ____ of continuous movement of the horizontal and vertical axes.

65 points


The range of the wireless operator station is ____ and the handheld unit is powered by _____.

500 ft / four (4) AA batteries.


When the battery voltage is low, the POWER light will begin to ___. At this point there are approximately ____ of continuous operation remaining.

flash / 3 hours


The handheld unit will automatically turn off after______.

5 minutes if no buttons are pressed.


If after pressing a button, the _____ alternately flash, this indicates no communication link is present with the monitor. The handheld unit is ____.

OSC & PARK lights / out of range or cannot establish a link with the monitor.


Raise the nozzle to its ____ and pump medium viscosity automotive chassis grease into the grease fitting on the Elevation worm gear housing until excess appears at the joint.

highest position


The Hurricane RC monitor generally should not require greasing in the ____ worm gear. In the event that the operation becomes stiff, grease may be applied to the horizontal worm gear grease port. Use medium viscosity automotive chassis grease

Horizontal (left-right)


Do not over pump grease to horizontal worm gear. The monitor’s horizontal worm gear greased areas lead to the ___ that would trap ____ before becoming visible.

wire skirt/cable guide / several pounds of grease