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The MDT will continue to draw electrical current _____ even though the battery master switch is turned _____.

(approximately 7 to 8 amps) / OFF.


Air Cleaner Restriction Gauge:
Maximum inlet restriction for a new air cleaner is ____. If the gauge reads ____ check for restrictions.

10” H2O / 25” H2O,


The best fuel economy is delivered between ____.

1200 – 1800 RPM


When the engine is cold, this additional RPM could be very harmful due to ____ and due caution should be exercised.

minimal lubrication


Do not idle in R (Reverse) for more than ____. Extended idling in R (Reverse) may cause ____.

five minutes / transmission damage.


Do not idle in D (Drive) for more than _____. Extended idling in D (Drive) may cause transmission damage.

five minutes


Gear 1 = RPM / Speed

2100 / 14 mph


Gear 2 = RPM / Speed

2100 / 26 mph


Gear 3 = RPM / Speed

2100 / 36 mph


Gear 4 = RPM / Speed

2100 / 54 mph


Gear 5 = RPM / Speed

2000 / 66 mph


Gear 6 = RPM / Speed

1700 / 66 mph


A good indicator that all of the moving parts are getting lubrication is when the oil pressure gauge registers pressure ____ at idle speed.

(at least 10 psi)


If there is no oil pressure indicated within ____ , stop the engine and check the lubricating system. The pressure should not fall below ____ and normal operating pressure should be higher.

10 to 15 seconds / 30 psi at 1200 rpm


Incomplete combustion of fuel is the end result of this, which can cause crankcase dilution, formation of_____ on the valves, pistons, and rings, and rapid ____ in the engine.

lacquer or gummy deposits / accumulation of sludge


When on scene with all warning lights activated, engage the engine high idle feature. Doing so will assist the ____ in keeping up with the electrical current demands placed on it and prevent the Load Manager from "cutting out" electrical accessories due to insufficient current flow.



Try not to shut down the engine unless coolant temperature is____.

195 F or less.


Stopping a turbocharged engine immediately after high-speed operation may cause damage to the turbocharger as it will continue to turn without an _____.

oil supply to the bearings.


If air pressure is reduced to approximately ___ in both systems, the spring brake valve will automatically apply.

40 psi


Do not engage the Jake Brake on _____. The additional braking effort on the drive wheels (duals) can cause them to lock up which could result in an uncontrollable skid.

wet streets


After the battery voltage drops to a preselected setting approximately_____, the engine throttle will be ____ to compensate for the low voltage and electrical system loads.

12.8 volts / increased


The fast idle output will remain ON for a minimum of ____and until ____ is achieved.

10 minutes / 13.0 VDC


An alarm sounds if a low-voltage condition (below ____) develops.

11.9 volts


If the low-voltage condition continues (for approximately ____), then the shedding of electrical loads will begin.

1 minute


A ____ is the voltage that will cause a load to be turned off if the system voltage drops to this point.

shed point


An ____ is the voltage that must be achieved before a load is turned back on once it has been shed

unshed point


A shed system (load) will not be recognized for ___ or until the unshed voltage setting is maintained for ____.

5 minutes / 1 minute


The fast idle system will be maintained for a minimum of ___ and until a voltage reading of ___ even if any system shedding did not occur.

10 minutes / 13.0 is achieved,


When ALL electrical accessories are turned on and engine is running at idle (_____), the ____ will be unable to keep up with the electrical demands placed on it thereby causing the air conditioning to be turned off.

500-750 rpm / alternator


Manual Pump Shift Procedure:
3. Move cab pump shift lever to the ______.
4. Shut down engine.
5. Pull ______ (located on right side pump panel).

center position / manual pump shift override handle