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Understand kidney structure including:

Medulla, Cortex

Pelvis, Calyces, Pyramids

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Which is most external: cortex or medulla?

Cortex is external


Which kidney component makes up most of the cortex?

Renal corpuscles


What kidney component(s) comprise the medulla?

Renal Pyramids



What comprises the Outer Stripe of the Outer Medulla?

Thick tubules and collecting ducts


What comprises the Inner Stripe of the Outer Medulla?

Thin limbs of the loop of Henle


What comprises the Inner Medulla?

Mostly thin tubules and collecting ducts


Components of the nephron from proximal to distal:

Renal Corpuscle: Glomularis and Bowman's Capsule

Proximal convoluted tubule

straight tubules (loop of Henle)

-thick descending

-thin descending and ascending

-thick ascending

Distal convoluted

Collecting Duct

Papillary Duct

Minor Calyx

Major Calyx

Renal Pelvis


What is the branching pattern of renal arteries and where are they (approx.) in kidney?

Renal Arteries

Segmental Arteries (5)

Lobar arteries - one for each lobe

Interlobar arteries - travel between renal pyramids to corticomedullary junction

Arcuate Arteries - run along corticomedullary junction

Interlobular arteries - run peripendicular to arcuate arties in cortex

Afferent aterioles - enter Bowman's capsule

Glomerulus - loops of capillaries

Efferent Arteriole - drain glomerulus

Vasa recta - long capillaries 


Understand renal vascularture branching

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What is the venous drainage of the kidney?

Vasa recta -> Arcuate Veins -> Interlobar Veins -> Renal Vein

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What are the 3 layers of the Adrenal Gland Cortex?

Zona glomerulosa

Zona fasciculata

Zona reticularis

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What factors act on each of the Adrenal Gland Zones and what does it cause that zone to produce?

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Adrenal Gland zones, structure and products.

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What is the embryological origin of the Cortical Cells and/or the Medullary Cells?

Cotrical = mesenchyme, mesodermal origin

Medullary = neural crest cells, ectodermal origin


What cells make up the Medulla of the Adrenal Cortex? What type of capillaries exist there?

Chromaffin Cells = producing epi and norepi

Fenestrated capillaries

arranged in clumps/cords