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Benefits of UX Design within an organization?

1. More commercially viable offering = higher levels of profit
2. Tweaks can be worked out before product launch, rather than after saving money
3. UX provides quality measure of a product. Possibly saving the company's reputation
4. Prevents scope creep
5. Competitive products based evidence not on the "gut instinct" of the team


What percentage do KPI's increase when using UX? Who is the source?

Jacob Nielsen


What is scope creep?

ow a project's requirements tend to increase over a project lifecycle


What is UCD?

User-centered Design


What are 5 proven ROI gains from UX

1. Overall revenue/conversion boost (loyalty)
2. Lower support calls
3. Reduced development waste
4. Increase customer satisfaction
5. Reduces the risk of building the wrong product


What are the 5 phases of design thinking?

1. Emphasize with users
2. Define your user's need / problems and your own insights
3. Ideate - challenge assumptions
4. Prototype
5. Test