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Which PAgP mode combination will establish an EtherChannel?

Switch 1 set to desirable; switch 2 set to desirable.


Which statement is true regarding the use of PAgP to create EtherChannels?

It is Cisco proprietary.


What is an advantage of using LACP?

Allows automatic formation of EtherChannel links


A network administrator has decided that an EtherChannel between ports 0/1 and 0/2 on switches S1 and S2 would help performance. After making the configuration, the administrator notices no performance gain. Based on the output that is shown, what two possible assumptions could a network administrator make?

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  1. One of the ports on S2 was not configured correctly.
  2. The EtherChannel bundle is not working.


Which command will initiate EtherChannel interface configuration mode?

Interface port-channel interface-identifier


What is a best practice to use before beginning an EtherChannel implementation?

Shut down each of the affected interfaces.


This command shows the list of ports involved in the port channel and the time since the ports were bundled.

show etherchannel port-channel


As the network administrator you have been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corporate network. What does this configuration consist of?

Grouping multiple physical ports to increase bandwidth between two switches


This command is used to check what port channels are configured on a switch.

show etherchannel summary


This command shows information about the status of the port involved in the Etherchannel.

show interfaces etherchannel


What is the most cost-effective method of solving interface congestion that is caused by a high level of traffic between two switches?

Aggregate ports by using EtherChannel


When a range of ports is being configured for EtherChannel by the use of PAgP, which mode will form the bundled channel only if the port receives PAgP packets from another device?



An EtherChannel link using LACP was formed between two switches, S1 and S2. While verifying the configuration, which mode combination could be utilized on both switches?​

S1-passive and S2-active


The administrator tried to create an EtherChannel between S1 and the other two switches via the commands that are shown, but was unsuccessful. What is the problem?

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Traffic cannot be sent to two different switches through the same EtherChannel link.


This command shows information about the reliability of the port-channel.

show interfaces port-channel


Which switching technology would allow each access layer switch link to be aggregated to provide more bandwidth between each Layer 2 switch and the Layer 3 switch?

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Which two load balancing methods can be implemented with EtherChannel technology?

  1. Source IP to destination IP
  2. Source MAC to destination MAC


Which statement describes an EtherChannel implementation?

A trunked port can be part of an EtherChannel bundle.


When a range of ports is being configured for EtherChannel, which mode will configure LACP so that it initiates the EtherChannel negotiation?



Which two protocols are link aggregation protocols?



Which three options must match in order to establish an EtherChannel between two directly connected switches?

  1. Speed of the interfaces that are used for EtherChannel
  2. VLAN memberships of the interfaces that are used for EtherChannel
  3. Duplex settings of the interfaces that are used for EtherChannel


An EtherChannel was configured between switches S1 and S2, but the interfaces do not form an EtherChannel. What is the problem?

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The EtherChannel was not configured with the same allowed range of VLANs on each interface.