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Its earliest meaning comes from those professing the vows of a religious order.



Professionalism applies specifically to what three learned professions?

1. Divinity
2. Law
3. Medicine


What are the advantages of the professional model for law enforcement?

-Public or Client better served
-Quality of peace officers is improved
-Ethical conduct
-More effective problem solving
-Stronger community support and respect
-Stronger role in the criminal justice sysytem
-More effective innovations
-Financial rewards


What are the disadvantages of the professional model for law enforcement?

-Cost of training and development
-Higher salaries or renumeration for job occupant
-Limited entry into work force from poor because of limited opportunity for educational attainment


What is the ethical role?

Being objective and ethical in personal behavior and in functioning as a representative of the criminal justice system.


What are the elements of the ethical role?

-To act in a manner that reflects belief in the fundamental value of ethical behavior and in application of this value to your job
-To conduct daily activities in an objective manner striving to be uninfluenced by emotion, personal prejudice, or insufficient evidence
-To provide objective and constructive assistance or information to all persons, regardless of personal feelings
-To assist the public to understand how they can help in achieving objective and ethical behavior


What is an example of physical courage?

Facing a barricaded, armed suspect


What is an example of moral courage?

-Refusing gratuities
-Refusing to participate in a cover-up
-Refusing to participate in ethic or gender based humor or practical joking, etc.


What three chapters in Title 8 of the Texas Penal Code relate to an officer's behavior?

-Chapter 36: Bribery and Corrupt Influence
-Chapter 37: Perjury and Other Falsification
-Chapter 39: Abuse of Office


What two federal criminal laws relate to an officer's behavior?

USC 241: Conspiracy Against Rights
USC 242: Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law