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Theft or misuse of personal information or financial identifiers in order to gain something of value and or facilitate other criminal activity.

Identity Crime


Types of identity crimes:

*Identity theft
*Credit card abuse
*Access device fraud
*Check fraud
*Bank fraud
*False identification fraud
*Passport/visa fraud


Personal identifiers:

*SSN #
*Phone #
*DL #
*Passport #
*Mother's maiden name


Financial identifiers:

*Credit card #
*Bank account #
*Insurance account #


Types if crimes associated with identity crimes:

*Mail theft
*Mail fraud
*Organized crime
*Financial fraud
*Mortgage fraud
*Weapons trafficking
*Wire fraud
*Computer crime/internet intrusions


A person commits an offense if with the intent to harm or defraud another, obtains, possess, transfers, or uses an item or identifying information of another person without consent, or uses the identifying information of a deceased person.

Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information (SJF)


A notice placed on a consumer file that alerts a recipient of a consumer report involving that consumers file that the consumer's identity may have been used without the consumer's consent ti fraudulently obtain goods and services in the consumer's name.

Security alert


A notice placed on the consumer's file that prohibits a consumer reporting agency from releasing a consumer report relating ti the extension of credit involving that consumer file without the express authorization of the consumer.

Security freeze


Taking a ________ is vital to the victim because credit bureaus require a police report in order to block fraudulent information and to begin repairing the victims credit reports.

Written report


Three major credit-reporting agencies are:

*Trans Union


Information disposal includes:

*Destroying carbon copies or credit card receipts
*Shred or completely destroy any item that may have personal identifiers


Steps taken when identity theft occurs:

*Notify the police, creditors, and merchants, banks and financial institutions
*Check credit
*Check with the Social Security Administration to see if any activity on account should not be there