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Rip through sth

Move forcefully and rapidly through sth

Fierce winds/ hurricane ripped through Florida.


Take (a) hold

Become very strong and difficult to remove or stop.

As the fire started to take hold, people ran to escape the flames.


Sweep sth away

P.P: swept/ sweeped

(Often passive) ( of floods, a tornado,etc.) completely destroy sth.

He saw his home swept away by rising floodwater.


Wreak havoc ( on sth )

PP: wreaked / wrought

Cause a lot of damage, destruction,or confusion.

The tornado is wreaking havoc on all parts of the region.


Be/get caught up in sth

Become involved in sth undesirable.

Many tourists have been caught up in the forest fires in California.


Come to terms with sth

Gradually accept a difficult or unpleasant situation.

It's hard to come to terms with the loss of whole communities.


In the grip of sth

Experiencing sth unpleasant that cannot be stopped.

The state of Texas is in the grip of the worst winter for 20 years.


Cave in ( on sb/sth)

(Of a roof, wall, etc.) collapse and fall.

The roof caved in on people but they were lucky to survive.


Lose your life

N: Loss of life

Be killed.

There has been no loss of life, but many have been injured.


Wipe sth/ sb out

PP: wiped

(Often passive) destroy or get rid of sth/ sb completely.

An American civilization was wiped out by earthquakes 3000 years ago.


Head for sth

SYN: make for sth

Move towards a place.

Make / head for the nearest exit quickly.


Catch sb unawares

Happen in a way that sb was not expecting and was not prepared for.

The snow caught me unawares.
I was caught unawares by the heavy snow.


Come to a standstill/halt

SYN: grind to a standstill/halt


Slowly stop completely.

Traffic ground to a standstill.


Tow sb/sth away

(Of a driver or car) pull another car using a rope or chain.

They towed the car away to the police station.


Run low

Sth is running low
You are running low on sth

It means you only have a little left.

The food is running low.
We are running low on food.


At risk ( of/ from sth)

In danger of sth unpleasant or harmful happening.
Put lives at risk .

Water shortages will put lives at risk.


Be snowed in

Be unable to leave a place because of heavy snow.

They were snowed in for days.


Be cut off

Be unable to leave a place or receive visitors or services from outside.

Some rural areas have been temporarily cut off.


Turn sb away

Refuse to allow sb to enter a place.

Children have been turned away from schools due to teacher shortages.

They turned us away from the building.


For the foreseeable future

For a period of time when you can predict what is going to happen,based on present circumstances.

Workplaces will be closed for the foreseeable future.


Thick and fast

Happening very quickly and in large amounts or numbers.

The snow is still falling thick and fast.