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Keep sth from sb

Avoid telling sb sth.

My grandma was very ill , but the rest of the family keep the truth from her.


Spare sb's feelings

Be careful not to do or say anything that may upset sb.

I didn't tell my mum the truth because I wanted to spare her feelings.


Let on (to sb / about sth)

Talk about sth that is intended to be a secret.

I knew they were getting married but I didn't let on to anyone.


Lose face

Be regarded by others as stupid or wrong as a result of sth you have said or done.
( If you save face, you avoid being regarded as stupid or wrong)

Joe couldn't read or write, but he told people he'd forgotten his glasses because he didn't want to lose face/ he wanted to save face.


Face up to sth

Accept and deal with sth that is difficult or unpleasant.

I realized that I just couldn't face up to the truth about my addiction.


Come to light

Become known to people .

People will be very angry if this information comes to light.


Cover sth up

Hush sth up

These phrasal verbs refer to action taken to hide the truth about something bad,illegal,embarrassing,etc.

It was a scandal in the village. They tried to hush/ cover it up , but everyone knew.


Scared to death

Very frightened.
Also: scare sb to death: make sb very frightened
Scare the life/the living daylights out of sb (INF)

I was scared to death of telling the truth about my past; I know people would disapprove.


Go (as) red as a beetroot

Have red cheeks because you are embarrassed

When I mentioned Claude's name, Pam went red as a beetroot.


Give the game away

Reveal sth that is intended to be a secret (often by accident)

Of course,as soon as she mentioned your name, she gave the game away.


Have sth on your conscience

Feel guilty because of sth you did or didn't do.

He wouldn't lie because he'd have it on his conscience.


Live with sth

Accept sth unpleasant that you cannot change.

His wife will never come back, and he finds that very difficult to live with.


When it comes to (doing) sth

On the subject of sth.

When it comes to helping others,my parents are fantastic.


Gloss over sth

Ignore sth or avoid saying sth,or treat it as unimportant.

It's not very sensible to gloss over the facts.


A pack of lies

A story that is completely untrue.

That girl told me a pack of lies.


Pull the wool over sb's eyes

Trick sb by giving them the wrong information.

My husband tells me a pack of lies about why he's late , he thinks he can pull the wool over my eyes. (I know he hasn't been to football match, he's been to the pub)


See through sb/sth

Realize that sb is not telling the truth,or that sth is not true;understand the truth about a situation.

Unfortunately,when I made up the story, my mom saw through it immediately.


I wasn't born yesterday
SYN: pull the other one

= I'm not stupid enough to believe what you say.

It was a ridiculous story - look, I wasn't born yesterday.