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Hang in the balance

If sth hangs in the balance, its future is uncertain.

Fate of the playing fields may hang in the balance for some time.


Be locked in battle/dispute,etc.

SYN: be at loggerheads

(Of two people or groups) be involved in a dispute or argument to which there's no obvious solution.


Can ill afford ( to do) sth

Used to say that sb should not do sth because it will cause problems.

Residents say schools can ill afford to give up green space in a built-up area.


Open the floodgates (to sth)

If an action or decision opens the floodgates, it allows a lot of things to happen that weren't previously possible.


A crying need for sth

A great and urgent need for sth.


Free ( sb/ sth) up

Make sb/sth available for a particular purpose.


Out of step ( with sb )

Having ideas that are different from other people's.

If you are out of steps with others, you have different ideas from them.


Stand firm

Refuse to change your opinion.


Press on ( with sth)

SYN: press ahead (with sth)

Continue doing sth in a determined way.


Be poles apart

(Of two people or groups) be widely separated in interests and ideas.


Meet sb halfway

Reach partial agreement with sb , or give sb part of what you want.


A running battle

An argument that continues over a long period of time.


Break ranks

(Of a member or members of a group) stop supporting the group of which you are a member.
( If you close ranks, you join together closely to defend yourselves, especially when being criticized by others.)


Side with sb

Agree with sb and support them in an argument.

The minister is siding with the Opposition.


Be in the firing line

Be in a position where people can criticize or blame you.

The minister is likely to be criticized=
The minister is in firing line.


Bite the bullet

Force yourself to do sth difficult or unpleasant that you have been avoiding.

He'll male the tough decision and raise taxes =
He'll bite the bullet and raise taxes.


Stick to your guns


Continue to have a particular opinion about sth even though others are saying that you are wrong.

She's not going to change her mind on this.=
She's sticking/ going to stick to her guns on this.


Fight a losing battle

Try to do sth that will probably fail.

He's trying but it won't be successful =
He's fighting a losing battle.


Have/keep a foot in both camps

Be involved with two different or opposing groups.

He's involved with both parties =
He's got a foot in both camps.