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go to pieces

become so upset or nervous that you cannot do sth as well as you should.

As soon as I got up on stage I just went to pieces and couldn't sing. It was horrible.


at a price

involving an unpleasant consequence (come at a price).

He was successful but it came at a price =
He was successful but it wasn't all pleasant.


beyond your wildest dreams

better than anything you could have imagined.

Winning the competition was beyond my wildest dreams.


go to sb's head

If success or praise goes to sb's head, it makes them feel more important than they really are, and they usually suffer as a result.

Ravi was too young to cope with fame, and the money went to his head.


fall by the wayside

not be successful or effective any longer.


tread carefully

be very careful about what you do or say.

We must tread carefully about what we say.


make or break sb/sth

be the thing which makes sb/sth either a great success or a complete failure.
( also as ADJ a make-or-break situation)

This could be a make-or-break performance for Jessica.


get out

SYN leak out

(of secrets or information) become known to the public.

News got/leaked out last night that she was being treated for a form of skin cancer.


(reach) the end of the line/road

(reach) the point at which sth can no longer continue in the same way.


do/try your utmost

try as hard as you possibly can.


in the public eye

well known to many people through the media.


couple sth with sth

(usually passive) combine sth with sth (coupled with sth = combined with sth).


take its toll (on sb/sth) / take a heavy toll (on sb/sth)

have a bad effect on sb/sth; cause damage, suffering, etc.


bounce back (from sth)

become confident, healthy, or successful again after having problems.


set sb back V.

a difficulty or disappointment that prevents progress or makes a situation worse.


cast a shadow (over sth)

make sb feel less happy or hopeful about sth.


fight your way (through/ past sb/sth)

move with difficulty through a crowd of people or through/past an obstacle.


Build sb up
Knock sb down
Build up sb's hopes

If you build sb up, you talk about them in a positive way so that people are impressed by them.
If you then knock sb down, you are negative about them.
If you build up sb's hopes, you make them think something good is going to happen when in fact it is very unlikely.


rise to the occasion

do well in a difficult situation.

It's a big challenge for Connie, but I'm sure she'll rise to the occasion.