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Why was there another general election after WWII?

Churchill and Attlee wanted to keep their coalition government going until Japan was defeated but the Labour Party and liberals rejected this idea. They wanted a fresh start for Britain.


When did Churchill step down and when was the 1945 election?

Churchill resigned on 23rd May 1945
Election was on 5th July


What was the conservative manifesto for the 1945 general election?

It was very focused on Churchill - one slogan was "let him finish the job"
They promised better housing and help for the poor even though they were against that in previous years in parliament
Too confident in Churchill magic and didn't get the reforms right


What big mistake did Churchill make in the election campaign?

In a radio broadcast, Churchill said to warn people of labour socialist policies, he said a socialist state would never work without a gestapo to run it. He was comparing labour to the Nazis despite Attlee being deputy prime minister during the war.


When was the bevridge report published?

1st December 1942


Who made the Beveridge Report? Was it popular?

Ernest Bevin, minister of labour set up a committee to suggest how to improve life in Britain after the war. William Beveridge was chairman and he made the report which was 300 pages long. Many conservative MPs disagreed with it but it had huge public support, it sold over 70,000 copies in the first few days.


What five Giants did the Beveridge report fight?

Want - lack of basic needs like food
Ignorance - lack of proper education
Disease - lack of proper medical care
Squalor - poor living conditions
Idleness - unemployment


What happened before the election to improve life in Britain to do with the Beveridge Report?

Education Act 1944 - restructured school system and free education up to 15
Family Allowances Act 1945 paid mothers 5 shillings a week for every child after the first
Free milk and free school meals set up in 1942


To do with the Beveridge report, why was labour elected in in 1945?

People didn't trust the conservatives to act on the Beveridge report and labour came up with most of the laws in the report.


What are some details about the Beveridge Report? Specific details.

Scheme to set up the NHS
1946 New Towns Act - 17 new towns built in England and 4 towns enlarged and 750000 new houses built
Education Act- free education up to 15
National Insurance Act 1946 - unemployment, maternity and sickness benefit and pensions
National Assistance Act 1946- poor law benefits abolished, help for homeless, disabled and mentally ill


Who are the BMA?

British Medical Association


Why didn't the BMA want the NHS?

Didn't want to work for the government
Thought they'd be paid less
Thought health care wouldn't be as good


Why did the BMA finally agree with the NHS?

They knew health care needed reforms after the war
Bevan (minister of health) persuaded them with money and kept persuading the BMA by showing all the benefits.


When did the NHS begin?

Passed in November 1946
Actually started in July 1948


When was the national health service act?

Discussed in 1949
Came into practise in 1952


Why was the NHS so popular?

Because people could get lots of stuff for free including glasses and false teeth


What did the NHS act state?

There was a 1 shilling prescription charge
The old, poor or disabled didn't have to pay


What happened to bevan over the NHS act?

He disagreed with the charge and resigned as minister of health


What happened in 1951 to the price glasses and false teeth?

There was a charge of 1 shilling towards the cost of glasses or half the cost of false teeth. People objected to this but it made a vast improvement to the NHS.


Who was Bevan?

Minister of Health during the time of the NHS