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Open Question

Those that can't be answered in a few words and explore deeper issues. What, how, why, could, would


Closed Questions

enable therapist to gain specifics and can be answered in a very few words. is, are, do


Role of What Questions

Lead to facts
What happened?
what are you going to do?


Role of "How" questions

lead to an exploration of process or feeling/emotion
"How could that be explain"
"How do you feel about that"


Role of "Why" questions

Why questions can lead o a discussion of reasons. Use why questions with care. A discussion of reasons can lead to sidetracks or feeling grilled


Role of "Could, can or would"

maximally open and contain some advantages of closed questions. Clients can refuse to tap. Could questions suggest counselor control


Where do negative emotions primarily originate

amygdala, deep in the limbic system brain


where do positive emotions primarily originate

located in many areas but the nearby nucleus accumbent send out signals to the prefrontal cortex enabling focus on the positive. Positive emotions developed later in human evolution


How many positive comments does it take to balance on negative

five, unless he negative his super deep hen more


Bombardment/Grilling Questions

Too many questions give too much control o the interview and put the client on the defensive, but may allow the client to be selective in what they answer


Multiple Questions

Another form of bombardment, growing too many questions at once may confuse questions but may allow them to chose what to answer


Questions as Statements

Using questions to sell their own point of view "Don't you think it would be helpful if you studied more?" If you are going to make a statement do not frame it as a question