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What are the benefits of classification


Common language reduces ambiguity and facilitates clear communication between clinicians and researchers

Across the case of system is consistent with the medical model of diagnosis

Classification system can guide to the clinicians towards a purportedly correct diagnosis

Can guide resurges in investigating particular clusters of symptoms or a specific classification


What are the purposes of classification in psychopathology


Common language
Means for organising and retrieving information
Template for describing similarities and differences between individuals
Means of making predictions about course and outcome
congruence with the medical model
Influence to government organisational and research funding
Identification of mental health trends and need for research


What are the pitfalls of classification


Excessive comorbidity amongst diagnoses which may indicate invalidity of diagnostic distinctions rather than the presence of multiple conditions

Stop short of describing the full story of presentation. (cause, course of disorder, best practice treatments)

Aetiology (cause) of most DSM identified disorders is unknown which calls into question the reasons for providing a diagnosis

Diagnosis can increase stigma and be a barrier to care

Diagnoses can be self-fulfilling

Does not incorporate biopsychosocial understanding of condition and treatment