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1. Charleston’s BASH Phase II Period is: (11-2C-17 V3, CAFB SUP 1, A, page 6)
A. Implemented by 437 OG/CC (coordinated with 315 OG/CC) and announced by FCIF
B. 1 Sep - 31 Mar
C. 1 Oct - 28 Feb
D. None of the above

1. A AFI11-2C-17V3_CHARLESTONAFBSUP, ¶5.20.2


2. Crews will obtain the Bird Watch Condition, if available, prior to: (11-2C-17 V3, CAFB SUP 1, D, page 6)
A. Initial departure
B. Initial arrival
C. Stepping to the aircraft
D. Both A & B

2. D AFI11-2C-17V3_CHARLESTONAFBSUP, ¶5.20.1


3. The AHAS Bird condition is Moderate, for a Military Training Route: (11-2C-17 V3, CAFB SUP 1, A, page 6)
A. Crews will fly no faster that 250 knots on affected route segments
B. Crews will limit their altitude to 1000 AGLon affected route segments
C. Crews need AW/CC approval to fly affected route segments at night
D. All of the above



4. Practice circling approaches are not authorized between: (Flimsy, A, page 9)
A. 2200-0700 local
B. 2100-0400 local
C. 2200-1000 local
D. 2000-0800 local

4. A Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 9


5. Avoid all downtown Charleston hospital complexes when flying VFR approaches to runway 33 below: (Flimsy, C, page 9)
A. 2500’ MSL
B. 2200’ MSL
C. 2000’ MSL
D. 1500’ MSL

5. C Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 9


6. Low levels on locally developed, non-FLIP low-level routes are approved at what altitude?
A. 300’ AGL
B. 500’ AGL
C. 700’ AGL
D. 1000’ AGL

6. B Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 13


7. When unable to avoid overflights of Santee Wildlife Refuge, fly no lower than:
A. 500’ AGL
B. 1000’ AGL
C. 2000’ AGL
D. 3000’ AGL

7. C Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 13


8. If you are flying IR-035/IR-036 and the IR route will be terminated at North Field:
A. Be sure to cancel IFR with ATC
B. Your approach must be an abeam tactical arrival
C. Entry to North Field’s airspace will be no lower than 2000’ AGL
D. There are no exits to these IR routes near North Field so the entire route must be flown

8. A Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 13


9. If there is an USAF LZSO in the tower at North Field a maximum of ______ aircraft are allowed in the pattern?
A. 2
B. 3
C. One integral formation if traffic pattern deconfliction. landing separation and remarshaling plans are thoroughly briefed between the formation aircrews.
D. Both A & C

9. D Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 15


10. Contact Columbia Approach (124.15) if climbing above ______ in the vicinity of North Field.
A. 1500’ MSL
B. 2500’ MSL
C. 3500’ MSL
D. Columbia Approach really doesn’t care if C-17s contact them or not

10. B Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 16


11. With prior coordination, combat offloads are authorized at North Field?
A. True
B. False

11. A Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 18


12. At JB Charleston, it is permissible for a crew to block themselves into or out of parking, without wing walkers, while aircraft are parked adjacent to their parking location?
A. True, unless visibility is restricted
B. False. Parking at JB Charleston without a marshaller/wing walker is NEVER allowed



13. During reverse taxi operations, do not taxi within _______ of any obstruction.
A. 10 ft with a marshaller/wing walker
B. 15 ft with a marshaller/wing walker
C. 50 ft with a marshaller/wing walker
D. 25 ft with or without a marshaller/wing walker

13. D AFI11-2C-17V3_, ¶5.19.1


14. When looking from the left seat, an imaginary line drawn from the 5 o’clock position of the #1 engine cowling approximates 25 feet of wingtip clearance.
A. FALSE. It is 10 feet of wingtip clearance.
C. FALSE. There are no engines on the left wing.
D. FALSE. It is 50 feet of wingtip clearance.

14. A AFTTP 3-3.C17, ¶


15. If wingtip clearance is ever in doubt, the best course of action is to:
A. Trust the marshaller, they have the best view
B. Shut down engines and park in place
C. Deplane a crew member to verify wingtip clearance
D. Transfer aircraft control to the pilot on the critical side

15. C AFI11-2C-17V3_, ¶5.19.2


16. During backing operations, if the LM says “Stop” or communication is lost:
A. Bring the throttles to idle reverse for 3-4 seconds before applying brakes
B. Stop the aircraft immediately
C. Confirm the command with the LM before stopping
D. Slowly bring the aircraft to a stop to prevent a hot brake scenario

16. B AFTTP 3-3.C17, ¶


17. A cross-cockpit 25 foot wingtip clearance reference is:
A. The large knob on the opposite HUD, if the HUD is in the up position is approximately 25 feet
B. Conservatively, the opposite side cockpit window knob
C. Halfway up the opposite clear view window
D. Both A & B

17. D AFTTP 3-3.C17, ¶


18. An approximate reference for the outer edge of the main landing gear is:
A. The top eighth of the window approximates the outboard side of the trucks
B. There is no way to determine the edge of the main landing gear
C. From the troop door, the LM can use the MLG door to approximate 3 ft of clearance
D. Both A & C

18. D AFTTP 3-3.C17, ¶ and Figure 3.19


19. The painted boxes on the ramp at JB Charleston, provide ______ feet of wingtip clearance provided all equipment is completely within the painted lines.
A. 15
B. 25
C. 10
D. 50



20. IAW AFI 1-401, Combat Support time will be logged while transporting combat troops/supplies and is determined by the airspace you transit or the distance from hostile regions.
A. True
B. False

20. B FCB 1.10


21. VOR/DME/TACAN/GPS Runway 21. In order to prevent noise complaints and damage to Medway Plantation at the Naval Weapons Station, crews are asked to delay descent to FAF altitude or below 1600’ until established on final and inside:
A. 4 NM
B. 4 DME
C. 8 DME
D. 8.5 DME

21. C Charleston AFB Aircrew Flimsy, page 9


22. It is imperative that crews on operational missions relay all information of unusual occurrences, aircraft damage, or waiver requests through their squadron operations officer and or stan/eval offices.
A. True
B. False



23. Maintenance will provide a (an) _______ at every jet at crew show or APEX loading time (whichever is earlier) and should have the aircraft powered up with external power. Maintenance will also provide an air conditioning/heater unit (if available) when outside air temperature is less than ____ or greater than ______.
A. power cart, 50°F, 80°F
B. power cart, 55°F, 85°F
C. power cart, 45°F, 85°F
D. AGE, 50°F, 85°F



24. Aircrew will start the APU approximately _____ minutes prior to engine start to accomplish SCEFC and FCC hydraulic preflight tests and, after landing, will delay APU start until approximately _____ minutes from block in.
A. 10, 4
B. 10, 5
C. 15, 4
D. 15, 5

24. C AFI11-2C-17V3_CHARLESTONAFBSUP, ¶ and ¶