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A nurse researcher who is considering whether to use qualitative research design should be aware that the focus of qualitative research is what

Studying human experiences that occur within a person's natural setting


The determining factor for a researcher in selecting a qualitative research approach should be what

The nature of the research questions


Which of these terms are synonymous with paradigm



In which of the circumstances should a nurse researcher select a qualitative research design over a quantitative design

The goal is to view the phenomenon in the same way as those who experience it


A nurses research question is "what is the Grief experience of women older than 30 years from Royal Mexico who have late stage pregnancy loss"? Which aspects of the question represents the studies context?

Rural Mexico


Which aim of research is characteristic of or appropriate for qualitative research methods



Which research study characteristic would be inappropriate for qualitative methods

Testing a new hypothesis


How is the number of subjects for participation determined for a qualitative study

Data are collected from new subject until saturation is reached


Which description of typical of a qualitative research study

Truth is a subjects perception of reality


How does the nurse researcher know when data saturation has been reached

When the ideas or information coming from the new participants have been expressed previously by other participants


A nurse reads a qualitative study concerning the grief process. Later, the nurse explains to a grieving widow that grief is a process and that many others have successfully made their way through the process. The nurse is using which clinical application of research?

Anticipatory guidance


The findings of a qualitative research study described the main essence of an experience but also show how the experience varies, depending on the individual or context. These results fall into which of Kearney'scategory of qualitative research findings

Description of experiential variation


Which type of clinical application of qualitative research would help a nurse describe the trajectory of an illness

Assessment of status or progress


Which of Kerney's category of qualitative findings describes a phenomenon portrayed vividly from a new perspective?

Descriptive categories


Which of Kearney's categories of qualitative findings describes a synthesis of a shared experience or process or integration of concepts that provides a complex picture of a phenomenon

Shared pathway or meeting


A description of how adolescent girls recovering from addiction to prescription narcotics might or might not move forward to create a new life is an example of which of Kearney's category of qualitative finding

Description of experiential variation


An older adults description of pain, including descriptors, attributed causes, and what constitutes good care during a painful episode, would be an example of which category qualitative findings

Descriptive categories


Computer management of qualitative data can assist a nurse researcher with which of these processes

Organization of data


Which are steps in the qualitative research process? Select all that apply

Sample selection
Data collection
review of the literature
Description of the finding
Discussion of the conclusions


Which qualitative research approach is used by researchers for the purpose of theory building

Grounded theory


Which qualitative approach would be most appropriate for a nurse researcher to use when studying the daily experience of women undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer



When a researcher analyzes data from a phenomenological study, what is the final synthesis of participants reported experiences

Description of the lived experience


When reviewing the report of phenomenological study, The nurse find there is no section that describes/reports the research question. What approach should be used to determine the research question?

Examination of the questions or statements posed to the study participant


When reading report of a phenomenal logic study, the nurse finds direct quotes from the participants threaded throughout the narrative. What is the significance of this observation

The researcher is supporting the study's finding


A characteristic of qualitative research data is that they are what

In text form


What is the foundation for the grounded theory method of qualitative research

Social science


What is the purpose of grounded theory

To examine the patterns of actions and interactions between And among various types of social units


Why is a literature review often limited in a study using grounded theory

Theories are expected to emerge directly from the data and not from previous research


Which feature is characteristic of the grounded theory method of qualitative research

Data gathering and data analysis occur simultaneously


Which statement is consistent with an emix view of a factor or situation

White teenager's statement that being "skinny" is more socially acceptable than having a higher weight