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What is the overall purpose of the research design in a quantitative research study?

To provide the plan for answering the research question


In which of these ways does the nurse researchers literature review help select the appropriate study design?

By objectively assessing available knowledge of the area


When reviewing a research report, the nurse determines that all aspects of the study systematically and logically follow from the research problem. Which condition has been met



Which factor is most likely to be a mediating variable in a study to determine if high doses of vitamin C help reduce the subject susceptibility to influenza

The subjects use of influenza vaccine


A nurse researcher is designing a quantitative research study involving a specific group of patients admitted to local hospitals. Which factor would negatively affect the feasibility of the study.

Potential study subjects represented less than 1% of hospital admissions during the year previous to the study.


A nurse is designing a study to determine whether a video tape or a written pamphlet is more effective in teaching young women how to perform Self breast examinations.
Which of these actions would provide the best control for a mediating variable

Exclude subjects who already perform BSE on a regular basis


How would a nurse researcher ensure that the sample used in quantitative study is homogeneous?

Use eligibility criteria to limit extraneous variables relevant to the study.


How can a nurse researchers use of a homogeneous sample weaken a research study?

By decreasing the generalizability of the findings.


Why should a nurse researcher want to limit or eliminate extraneous variables in the study?

Extraneous variables compete with the independent variable's as explanations of the studies outcome


When should a nurse researcher include an extraneous variable as part of the studies design?

When the variable is an important consideration for the studies outcome.


A study examining the effects of a new anti-emetic drug, compared with placebo on lipoprotein levels in postmenopausal women. Which of these actions represents the researchers attempt At consistency and data collection to control extraneous variables?

Drawling the serum lipoprotein levels of all subjects at the same time of the day


A nurse research assigns half a study sample to an experimental group and the other half to a control group. What does this action represent?

Manipulation of the independent variable


For which of these reasons would a nurse researcher choose to assign subjects randomly to groups in any study?

To help ensure that all groups within the study are representative of the larger population


A nurse researcher assigns subjects to experimental and control groups in such a manner that each subject in a population has an equal chance of being selected. What is the researcher using?



The issue of control would be less important in a quantitative study with which type of research design?



Which situation represents a threat to internal validity in an experimental study measuring the effect of a videotape of discharge instructions for patients who underwent coronary artery he bypass graft?

Patients in the experimental group discussed aspects of the video tape with patients in the control group


The nurse researcher designed a study examining anxiety among elementary school children. It's a widely publicized murder of a child occurred in the city during the timeframe of the study, which type of threat to internal validity with the murder represent.



A nurse researcher should consider mortality a threat to the studies internal ability for which of these reasons

Those who dropped out of the study maybe different than those who remain in the study


A nurse researcher can control for selection bias in a study by taking which of these actions?

Use defined selection criteria for approaching potential subjects


External validity refers to which issues?

The degree to which findings are generalizable to populations beyond those studied


Which of these situations describe a reactive (Hawthorne) effect?

Control subjects in an intervention study to reduce anxiety also experience a reduction in anxiety.


A nurse researcher is investigating the effect of type of operating room mattress and surgical position on tissue interface pressures in healthy young adults. Which component of research is most effected by the choice of the subject?

External validity


What action by a nurse researcher will help determine bias on the dependent variable?

establishing strict eligibility criteria for the study participants


A nurse researcher is planning to write a proposal for a research study using a quantitative design. To maintain control in the study, the nurse should include which elements?

Valid, reliable collection methods

Trained data collectors

Standardized data collection process


A nursing student is reviewing a research study in which a researchers used a pretext/post test design to examine the effects on an AIDS education intervention on teens knowledge about the condition over a school year. What threats to internal validity could be present

Select all



What should the nurse researcher consider when determining the feasibility of a research question?

Select all


Subject availability



Which factors would be considered threats to internal validity

Select all that apply

Selection bias


The measures used by nurse researcher to maintain uniformity of conditions in a quantitative research study referred to which aspect of the study?



The nurse is critiquing a research study that used an experimental design. How can the nurse determine that the studies results are able to inter casualty?

The relationship between independent and dependent variables must not be explainable by any other variable


The nurses critiquing a research study that involves subjects undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Which finding would me a criterion for inferring Causality between performance of exercise and adaptive behavior of the subjects receiving chemotherapy?

The level of adaptive behavior increased in direct proportion to an increase in intensity of the exercise