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Which are ethical concerns that the nurse might consider when evaluating qualitative research?

Researchers and participants may develop relationships that blur boundaries of their interactions.

researchers service instruments for data interpretation.

researchers may change the research design as knowledge emerges, that's altering risks to participants


Which criteria are used to judge a qualitative study's Scientific rigor? Select all that apply

Credibility, audibility, fittingness


A nurse researcher critiques a phenomenological study for fittingness. The researcher will examine the study to see whether the study included which of these elements. Select all that apply

Describe the experiences of participants in a way that "rings true" for the reader

Presented narrative in a way that captures every day reality of participants


What similarities exist between grounded theory an ethnographic studies? Select all that apply

Participants are observed in natural settings
Researchers bracket their personal opinions and biases during the study
Data gathering and data analysis occur simultaneously
Techniques for data collection can change is the study progresses


In the report of qualitative research study, what does a theme represent

A label that describes key ideas shared by study participants.


The identification of themes is important when reviewing findings of the qualitative research report because themes do you what?

Allow description of a large quantity of data in a condensed format


Which of these titles of a research report indicates the study is qualitative rather than quantitative?

transcending pain during bone marrow aspiration


Which outcome or overall purpose would be consistent with the qualitative study?

Development of a creative solution to practical problems.


Which criterion helps to determine whether the results of a qualitative study can be applied beyond the study sample or population

Evidence of fittingness or transferability of the findings


Before applying the results of a qualitative study in practice, the nurse should take several actions including which of these actions?

Determine if the concept/themes identified in the study support the work completed by other researchers


What information in the report of a qualitative research study indicates to the nurse that the research meets the criteria of audibility?

The researcher documented how the data led to the conclusions.


The nurse researcher reports that after data collection was completed, a follow up focus group session with participants was used to validate that the participants agreed the findings were true to their own experiences. What aspects of the study is the support?

The studies credibility.


Qualitative research is designed to describe what?

Insider's view of a human phenomenon


Which activity represents attention to credibility in a qualitative study?

Providing direct quotations from study participants


During the critique of a qualitative research study, the nurse notes the statement, "saturation was achieved at the completion of 20 interviews" what is the significance of the statement?

The data collection period has ended


One outcome of collecting evidence about the phenomenon of interest in the qualitative study maybe what?

Instrument development


Which study characteristic would indicate that a grounded theory approach, rather than a phenomenological approach, was used.

The focus was on the process elements of the phenomenon


The nurses critiquing a qualitative research study. Which question would be appropriate for the nurse to ask when critiquing the studies methodology?

If a particular approach is used to guide the inquiry, does the researcher complete the study according to the processes described?


The nurse is critiquing a qualitative research study. Which question would be appropriate for the nurse to ask when critiquing the studies sample selection.

Are the informants who were chosen appropriate to inform the research?


The nurse is critiquing a qualitative research study. which question will be appropriate for the nurse to ask when critiquing study's credibility?

Has adequate time been allowed to fully understand the phenomenon?


The nurses critiquing a qualitative research study. Which question would be appropriate for the nurse to ask when critiquing the studies fittiness?

Are the results meaningful to individuals not involved in the research?


When critiquing a report of a qualitative research study, The nurse asked "how has the researcher made explicit the significance of the study to the nursing theory, research, or practice"?This question is critiquing which section of the report

Conclusions, implications, and recommendations


When critiquing your report of a qualitative research study, the nurse asked " is protection of human participants address"? This question is critiquing what section of the report?

Data collection


When critiquing a qualitative research study, the nurse asked "has to researcher remained true to the data"? This question is critiquing which area of the report?

Data analysis


Which of the following elements would the nurse expect to see in a report of a grounded theory study? Select all that

Themes, basic social psychological process, participant quotes, purposive sample


A nurse researcher is critiquing a report of phenomenological study that examines the lived experience of domestic violence. The nurse should recognize which elements as consistent with a phenomenological research report?

A-open-ended questions were used to ask participants to describe experiences with domestic violence
B-Data about domestic violence reported by participants are presented in the form of narrative text