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What do you do if there is no ID band on a patient?

Nurse must identify the patient


What are the different fasting periods?

Set number of hours (8-12)
Only water and prescription drugs


What are timed collections?

Specimen must be collected as close to desired time as possible


What is the difference between implied and informed consent?

Implied - once the patient extends their arm

Informed - documents have been signed by the patient or relative

Patients have a right to refuse, if refused indicate on req and inform supervisor or nurse


What are the three main objectives of the phlebotomist?

Obtain informed/implied consent
Collect the best quality blood specimen for analysis
Perform the collection in a manner that patient will feel comfortable and less apprehensive

Be flexible and adaptable


What is the supine position?

Lying down


What are small red spots that may appear on a patients skin after application of tourniquet?


Minute amounts of blood have escaped the capillaries and site may take longer than normal to stop bleeding


What do you do if an artery is mistakenly punctured?

Immediately stop procedure
Phlebotomist must apply firm direct pressure to the site with a cotton ball for 5 minutes
Incident must be reported to supervisor


What is the most critical step in any phlebotomy procedure?

Patient identification

Always check patient name and number, information MUST match exactly


What is used in blood culture vials?

Anticoagulant SPS (sodium polyanethol sulfonate)


What is the order of draw for blood cultures?

Blood cultures collected first

Anaerobic then aerobic