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What is a Displacement reactions?

When one molecule is displaced and replaced by another


What is a nucleophile?

An electron rich molecule that can be charged or neutral that donates its electrons to the nucleophile


What is an electrophile?

The molecule that is usually neutral and has the alpha carbon which accepts an electron pair


What is the extra step that neutral nucleophiles have to undergo?

The lose one of their hydrogens to water to make hydronium ion and another neutral molecules


How does the SN2 reaction affect chirality?

It inverts the chiral center. So if it was S its then R


How does a negatively charged nucleophile affect nucleophilicity?

Negative atoms have more electrons to share so it increases nucleophilicity


How does Higher electronegativity affect nucleophilicity?

Atoms with higher electronegativity are less likely to share electrons which reduces electrophilicity


How does Atomic Size affect nuclophilicity?

Large atomic size creates a more polarizable electron cloud which increases nucleophilicity


How do resonance structures affect nucleophilicity?

Nucleophiles with resonance structures are more stable and less likely to share electrons