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What is Solvation?

The driving force for acid base reactions. This is when H2O attracts and aids the reactions


How does size affect the stability of an Anion?

Larger atoms create more stable anions because the charge is distributed evenly


How does electronegativity relate to the stability of an Anion?

More electronegative anions create more stable ions because the are able to distribute charge


What is induction?

Induction is the removal of electron density from an atom by a strongly electronegative nearby atom


What does the strength of induction depend on?

Electronegativity of the nearby atom
Number of these electronegative atoms
Distance between electronegative atom and the charge


How does hybridization affect ion stability?

S orbitals are more stable, the higher the s character the more stable the ion


When can a proton be removed from a carbon atom?

When a very strong base is present and if the resulting anion is stabilized


How do resonance structures affect ion stability?

The greater the number of resonance structures the more stable the anion is


How does higher electronegativity affect positively charged atoms?

Higher electronegativity destabilizes a positive charge


How does greater size affect positively charged atoms?

Greater size leads to greater charge delocalization which creates more stability


How does induction affect positively charged anions?

Positively charged anions become destabilized when induction occurs


How doe Alkyl groups affect positive charges?

Alkyl groups stabilize positive charges by donating electrons density


How does charge delocalization affect positive charges?

Charge Delocalization can stabilize positive charges by spreading the charges over a larger volume


What does a low puma indicate?

Stronger acids


What does a high pKa indicate?

Weaker acids