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Silver and Schor + Criticism

Proclaim the death of the housewife role due to labour saving devices which mean that women no longer need to do the housework.

Because women are now working, they can afford more of these devices.

CRITICISM Women are required to operate the devices


Gregson and Lowe

The commercialisation of housework - middle-class families can afford these labour saving devices however working class families are unable to afford them, therefore, they still suffer the dual burden.


Ferri and Smith

Dual burden of paid employment and unpaid domestic labour


Duncombe and Marsden

Women suffer the triple shift (additional burden of emotion work)


Braun, Vincent and Ball

Argue that men are background fathers - they only help out of a sense a responsibility towards the partner.

Men hold the provider ideology while women see their role as primary carers due to influence from the media.


Warde and Hetherington

Sex typing is still common (men carry out specific gender roles e.g cleaning the car). Men only complete routine "female tasks" when women aren't there.