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What are Aries' views on childhood? [IMPROVED]

Argues that the 20th century is the 'century of the child' as in the past, children were seen as an economic asset because they were viewed as "little adults" however now, they are viewed as an economic liability but emotionally priceless.


What are Jenks' views on childhood?

Jenks argues that children are now more important because marital breakdowns are becoming increasingly common therefore placing more emphasis on parental bonds because they last forever, unlike marriages.

As a result, children are becoming increasingly aware of child safety - children are now viewed as vulnerable and in need of protection


What is Butler et Al's view on childhood? [IMPORTANT]

Children are now more important since they have more rights e.g social services, child protection laws


What are Firestone and Holt's view on childhood? [NOT IMPROVED]

'Protection' from paid work makes children dependant on their parents - INEQUALITY.

Children are controlled by their parents through

Neglect and abuse
Time (bedtimes, curfews, TV time)
Space (e.g being driven to school)
Access to resources (Compulsory schooling makes children financially dependant on their parents)


What are Hockey and James' views on childhood?

Children want to escape childhood because it's oppressive so they do so by acting up e.g smoking and drinking or by acting down and behaving like babies.


What is Furedi's view of childhood? [NOT IMPROVED]

Childhood is becoming an isolated experience due to paranoid parenthood which creates moral panic on the safety of their children due to the media, therefore, the parents prevent their children from going outside.

As a result, they spend more time indoors playing on consoles which hinders their creativity, damaging the childhood experience