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What is Efficacy?

Greatest effect an agonist can produce if dose is take to highest tolerated level


What is potency?

refers to the EC50 or ED50 of a drug required to produce 50% of the drugs maximal effect.


What is an example of a full agonist?

Epinephrine 100 percent effect!!!


What is an example of a partial agonist?

Formoterol 63 percent effect


What is an example of an inverse agonist?

Propranolol -37% effect


What is EC50?

Effective concentration


What is ED50?

Effective Dose


What is a partial agonist?

Are drugs that bind to and activate a given receptor but have only partial efficacy at the receptor relative to a full agonist


What is a full agonist?

Bind and have affinity for a receptor producing full efficacy at that receptor.


Can a partial agonist act as an antagonist?

Yes a partial agonist can act as antagonist with increasing dose decreasing the effects of a full agonist (must be fixed concentration). Thus leading to a overall decreased response. Good to use if you want to decrease the overall effect but not turn it off.


What is a competitive antagonist?

-Binds to active site and prevents agonist from binding.


What is a non competitive antagonist?

Bind to an active site or allosteric site( effectively irreversible) , binds active site with covalent bond or high affinity, irreversible.


What is pharmacogenomics?

Is the study of genetic variations that influence individual response to drugs


What is Pharmocodynamic variability?

-Side effects
-Drugs are selective rather than specific actions.


What is the Therapeutic Index?

-Represents the estimate of the safety of the drug.
-Higher the therapeutic index the safer the drug is.
-Ti= Td50/Ed50
-Td50=toxic dose
-Ed50=Effective dose


What is the therapeutic window?

The range of doses that elicits a therapeutic response without unacceptable or minimal adverse effects.