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When arresting a suspect on felony or misdemeanor charges, it is acceptable to issue them a citation as well. (7.01-III)
a. True
b. False

B - False


If a motorist refuses to sign a ticket, the field supervisor should do the following except? (7.01-IIIg)
a. Explain that signing the citation is a promise to appear in court, not admission of guilt.
b. Release the motorist at the scene
c. Transport to traffic court during normal business hours
d. Transport to Watch Commanders during non-business hours

B - Release the motorist at the scene


Traffic warnings shall NOT be used for: (7.01-III4b)
a. Equipment violations that must be signed off
b. Driver's license or registration violations
c. Running a stop sign
d. A and B
e. A and C

D - A and B


If a felony DUI suspect is taken to the hospital for injuries, requiring guards, but is unknown if the suspect would flee to avoid prosecution, the final decision to effect an arrest comes from the ______ (7.016c)
a. Arresting Officer
b. Supervisor on scene
c. Watch Commander
d. Field Lieutenant

C - Watch Commander


If a person on probation for DUI operates a vehicle with a BAC over .01%, the officer can: (7.01D1)
a. Issue a citation for 23154(a)
b. Physically arrest for 1203.2(a) per 23154(a)VC
c. Physically arrest for 166PC per 23154(a)VC
d. A & B
e. All of the above

D - A & B


SDPD will assist CHP in handling individuals with mental disorders of the freeway. If it is determined that the person is in need of emergency detention, CHP will take custody of the individual and process accordingly? (7.01 E5)
a. True
b. False

B - False


What shall the first officer on scene determine when he arrives at a reported accident? (7.02-III)
a. Determine the location of the accident.
b. Determine whose fault it is.
c. Tell the dispatcher he has arrived at the scene.
d. Whether it is an injury collision or no detail accident.

D - Whether it is an injury collision or no detail accident.


8. Who investigates minor injury collisions? (7.02-III)
a. AIB
b. Traffic units
c. Detectives
d. Patrol units

D - Patrol units


What types of collisions do traffic units investigate? (7.02-III)
a. Minor injury accidents
b. Felony collisions
c. Serious injury collisions
d. Both B and C

D - Both B & C


What determines a serious injury accident? (7.02-III)
a. Any laceration
b. If you see any amount of blood
c. An injury requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hours.
d. None of the above

C - An injury requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hours


Regardless of the type of collision, who will investigate a collision if no traffic units are available? (7.02-III)
a. Detectives at the area command
b. Patrol units
c. Only a traffic unit can investigate collisions
d. Any of the above

B - Patrol units


Risk Management should be notified if it is anticipated or expected that a claim will be filed against the City? (7.02-III)
a. True
b. False

A - True


When should an accident report be made? (7.02-IIID1)
a. When there is a complaint of pain
b. When parties are transported to the hospital
c. A and B
d. None of the above

C. A&B


Property damage collisions that do not involve City vehicles or City property will not be investigated. (7.02-IV)
a. True
b. False

A - True


A report must be made in all cases where an injury is claimed or a hit and run occurred. (7.02-V)
a. True
b. False

A - True


When will an arrest be made at the scene of a collision? (7.02-VII)
a. Whenever there is a party at fault
b. Felony or misdemeanor DUI
c. Never
d. When the driver is a juvenile

B - Felony or misdemeanor DUI


When will TIU (Traffic Investigations Unit) be notified? (7.02-VIII)
a. They are notified for all collisions
b. Fatal, felony and serious injury collisions.
c. For minor collisions.
d. Only when requested by a sergeant.

B - Fatal, felony and serious injury collisions


A vehicle damage report is required within ___ hours of the employee being involved in a traffic collision? (7.02-IX)
a. 24 hours
b. 48 hours
c. 72 hours
d. 96 hours

A - 24 hours


A supervisors report will be completed within ___ of the collision? (7.02-IX)
a. 24 hours
b. 48 hours
c. 72 hours
d. 5 days

B - 48 hours


Who conducts administrative investigations of police pursuits? (7.02-IX)
a. TIU
b. IA (Internal Affairs)
c. Supervisors
d. Area command detectives

B - IA (Internal Affairs)


Is the Metropolitan Transit Board System buses (MTS) or light rail trolley classified as city equipment? (7.02-IX)
a. Yes
b. No

B - No


School bus accidents with students shall be investigated by: (7.02-XI)
a. Patrol units
b. CHP
c. IA
d. TIU



Hit and run reports may be taken over the phone. (7.02-XI)
a. True
b. False

B - False


All collisions that occur on or within ____ feet of a state highway intersection or freeway ramp are state highway-related traffic collisions. (7.02-XIII)
a. 100
b. 150
c. 200
d. 250

D - 250


When will persons arrested for DUI of alcohol be admonished as to the requirements for blood, breath, or urine test? (7.03-IV)
a. At the time of arrest
b. Prior to booking in jail
c. Prior to any questioning
d. None of the above

A - At the time of arrest


Contract Personnel for Blood Draw Services are on site at Headquarters from ______ daily. (7.03-V)
a. 1800 hours to 0400 hours
b. 2000 hours to 0600 hours
c. 2100 hours to 0700 hours
d. 2200 hours to 0800 hours

B - 2000 hours to 0600 hours


Illegal street racing is also known as ____. (7.04-III)
a. Speed contest
b. Exhibition of Speed
c. Drag racing
d. None of the above

C - Drag racing


Participating in an illegal speed contest or aiding and abetting an illegal speed contest is a(n) ______. (7.04-V)
a. Infraction
b. Misdemeanor
c. Felony
d. Not a crime

B - Misdemeanor


Officers driving a police vehicle with "push bumpers" are authorized to push disabled vehicles off the roadway that are on a public highway or roadway. (7.05-V)
a. True
b. False

A - True


Disposing of a citation in any manner other than provided by law is a Misdemeanor. (7.06-IIIA)
a. True
b. False

A - True


Citations issued by police personnel may be voided or dismissed under which of the following circumstances? (7.06-V A)
a. The issuing officer received an urgent radio call
b. An arrest was made in lieu of the citation
c. The issuing officer was mistaken in fact or law
d. All of the above

D - all of the above


Parking Enforcement Supervisors or the issuing Parking Enforcement Officer are the only individuals authorized to void electronic parking citations? (7.06-V.D)
a. True
b. False

A - True


Who is responsible for forwarding all traffic citations to the correct Municipal Courts? (7.06 V.H)
a. Issuing Officer
b. Supervisor
c. Records Division
d. Traffic Division

C - Records Division


What color of placards are issued to the Media that allows them to be exempt from parking restrictions, yellow zones, white zones, green zones, timed zones, and parking meters? (7.07-V F 2)
a. White, Green, Blue
b. Red, Blue
c. Blue, Green
d. None of the above

C - Blue, Green


A vehicle shall be considered to be stored when it has been left standing on a road without having been moved more than 1/10th of a mile within 72-consecutive hours. (7.07-VI A)
a. True
b. False

A - True


Only one parking violation may be placed on each parking citation form (PD 1505). (7.07-IV A4)
a. True
b. False

A - True


Per 22658(h) CVC, the tow companies may charge the owner of the vehicle a tow interruption fee if the vehicle has been hooked-up, but has not been transported and the officer approves the release. If the owner or driver of the car is unable or unwilling to pay the $12 tow interruption fee, the tow company must do which of the following: (7.08-IV, D)
a. Tow and impound the vehicle because the $12 tow interruption fee was not paid by the owner or driver
b. Release the vehicle at the scene but hold onto the keys as collateral until the $12 tow interruption fee is paid.
c. Release the vehicle at the scene but charge the City of San Diego for the $12 tow interruption fee.
d. Release the vehicle at the scene and seek any money owed through civil process.

D - Release the vehicle at the scene and seek any money owed through civil process


Instances of poor service or "call jumping" by towing companies will be documented on an interoffice memo and sent to the ______, describing the specific incident, the name of the company and the driver(s) involved. (7.08-IV, D)
a. Chief's office
b. Permits and Licensing, Tow Contract Officer
c. Traffic Division, Tow Contact Officer
d. Neighborhood Police Unit, Tow Contract Officer

B - Permits and Licensing, Tow Contract Officer


What is required in order to tow a vehicle as a vehicle forfeiture? (7.08 V, C)
a. Driver is cited or taken into custody for being unlicensed, expired over 30 days or suspended
b. Driver is the owner of the vehicle
c. Has a prior misdemeanor conviction for 12500(a), or 14601, 14601.1, 14601.2, 14601.3, 14601.4, or 14601.5 CVC
d. All of the above

D - All of the above


A vehicle impounded as evidence per 22655.5 CVC must be released within ___working days unless approved by the investigator's lieutenant. (7.08 V, C)
a. 3
b. 5
c. 7
d. 10

A - 3


Vehicles shall not be impounded as evidence at Traffic Division without prior approval from _____. (7.08V,C)
a. Patrol Sergeant
b. Investigative Sergeant
c. Lieutenant
d. Watch Commander's Office

D - Watch Commander's Office


If a tow company refuses to take a major credit card as a payment or does not post a notice stating all valid credit cards are an acceptable means of payment is _______.(7.08 - VII,D)
a. An infraction
b. A misdemeanor
c. A felony
d. None of the above. It is not a crime for tow companies to refuse credit card payments or post a notice stating they accept credit cards as a means of payment.

B - A misdemeanor


Per 22658(m) of the CVC, a tow company must notify local law enforcement within _____ minutes of removing a vehicle from private property or within _____ minutes after arriving at a vehicle storage facility, whichever is less. (7.08-VII, G)
a. 30, 5
b. 60, 15
c. 240, 120
d. 120, 60

B - 60, 15


Public nuisance vehicles on private property are to be referred to the ________. (7.08-V, E19d)
a. Neighborhood Policing Unit
b. Parking Enforcement Officer
c. Vehicle Abatement Unit
d. Community Relations Officer

C - Vehicle Abatement Unit


Police Protective details are generally limited to the President or Vice President of the United States or other dignitaries with prior approval from whom? (7.09-IV)
a. Operation Support Captain
b. Operation Support SRT (SWAT)
c. Traffic Division Captain
d. Special Events Coordinator
e. CIU

C - Traffic Division Captain


The San Diego Police Department Motorcycle Unit will have the primary responsibility for protective details. (7.09-IV)
a. True
b. False

A - True


When Trial by Declaration requests are received by the command and are logged in, a list of citations and their issue dates will be faxed to the Records Division who will provide copies of the citations and the officer's notes within _____ hours of receipt of the request. (7.10-IV D)
a. 12
b. 48
c. 24
d. 72

B - 48


The issuing officer's command will ensure the declaration is returned to the court within ___ days of being received. (7.10-IV D)
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. None of the above

B - 10


Which agency has the primary law enforcement authority on the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge? (7.11-III)
a. San Diego Police Department
b. Coronado Police Department
c. Harbor Patrol
d. California Highway Patrol

D - California Highway Patrol