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List the clearance item order


Clearance Limit


Route of flight including PDR, PDAR, PAR

Altitude data in order flown

Mach Number

Holding instructions

any special information

Frequency and beacon code


How do you prefix a clearance, information or a request for info that will be related to an a/c through non-ATC facility?

ATC clears

ATC advises

ATC requests


FSS must prefix a clearance with the appropriate phrase

ATC clears

ATC advises


How do you amend a route?

1 - State portion of route that is being amended, then state the amendment

"Change (route) TO READ (new portion of route)"

2 - State the amendment to the route and then state that the rest of the route is unchanged.

"(Amendment to route), REST OF ROUTE UNCHANGED"

3 - Issue a clearance "direct" to a point on the previously issued route.

4 - Issue the entire route by stating the amendment


What must be issued when route or altitude in a previously issued clearance is amended

restate all applicable altitude restrictions


What are not valid substitutes for an amended clearance w/ altitude or speed restrictions

"do the best you can" or comparable phrases


What should ATC specialist avoid for a/c participating in the north American route program (NRP)

route and/or altitude changes


You may clear an a/c through ___________ ________

intermediate stops


What phrase do you use for ALTRV clearance

"via approved altitude reservation (mission name) flight plan"


How do you clear an a/c on a IFR-VFR flight plan

clear an a/c planning IFR operations for the initial part and VFR for the latter to the fix at which the IFR ends


What must a controller issue when an a/c changes from VFR to IFR

assign a beacon code to Mode-C equipped a/c that will allow MSAW alarms


Clear a/c for ___________ or ___________ instrument approach procedures only




To require an a/c to execute a particular instrument approach procedure, what do you specify

Specify "the name of the approach as published in the approach chart" in the approach clearance.


What do you specify when there is more than one procedure is published on a single chart and a specific procedure is to be flown

amend the approach clearance to specify execution of the specific approach to be flown.


What information can be omitted if only one instrument approach of a particular type is published

runway reference


What must an a/c be advised that the glideslope is reported out of service

at the time an approach clearance is issued


When must standard instrument approach procedures begin

It must begin at the initial approach fix or an intermediate fix if there is not a IAF



standard instrument approach procedure


Radar facilities may vector a/c to the final approach course under what criteria

adequate radar coverage exist


Where adequate radar coverage exist, radar facilities may clear an a/c to any fix _____________________ prior to _____________, along the final approach course, at an intercept angle not greater than _______________ degrees

3 NM




What is the phraseology option for clearing a/c on an approach

"Cleared (type) approach"

"Cleared approach" - pilot chooses approach"

"Cleared (specific procedure to be flown) approach"

"Cleared (ILS/LDA) approach, glideslope unuseable"

"Cleared localizer approach"


For a/c operating on unpublished routes, issues the approach only after the a/c is:

1 - established on a segment of a published route or instrument approach procedure (or)

2 - assigned an altitude to maintain until the a/c is established on a segment of a published route or instrument approach procedure


Do not clear a/c direct ot he _____ unless it is also an _______, wherein the a/c is expect to execute what

What is the exception?



the depicted procedure turn or hold-in-lieu of procedure

visual approaches


Intercept angles ______________________ may be used wha a __________, _____________, or __________________ is depicted and the pilot will execute the procedure

greater than 90 degrees

procedure turn

a hold-in-lieu of procedure turn

arrival holding


_____________, _____________, or _____________ is depicted and the angle of intercept is ___________________, the a/c must be instructed to conduct a _________ approach if the ATC does not want the pilot to execute a procedure turn or hold-in-lieu of procedure turn

a procedure turn

hold-in-lieu of procedure turn

arrival holding pattern

90 degrees or less



Except when applying radar procedures, time or visual approaches, clear an a/c for an approach to an a/p when the preceding a/c has done what?


(or) canceled IFR flight plan


Where instrument approaches require radar monitoring and radar services are not available, do not use what

"cleared approach" which allows the pilot his/her choice of instrument approach


Circling approach instructions may only be given for a/c landing where

at a/p(s) w/ operational control towers


What must be included in the approach clearance isntructions to circle to the runway in use if the landing will be made on a runway other than that aligned w/ the direction of instrument approach

direction of circling maneuver in relation to the a/p runway is required

state the direction (eight cardinal compass points)

and specify a left or right base/downwind leg as appropriate


What do you not issue in circling approach clearances

"extend downwind leg"

may cause an a/c to exceed the circling approach area distance rom runway w/in which required circling approach obstacle clearance is assured


Describe the side-step maneuver

authorized by an instrument approach procedure, you may clear an a/c for an approach to one runway and inform the a/c that landing will be made on a parallel runway


An approach clearance automatically authorizes the a/c to execute what?

What is the exception

missed approach procedure

a VFR a/c practicing an instrument approach


What information is specified in the approach clearance when the a/c states unfamiliar

Initial approach altitude

Direction and distance from the holding fix w/in which procedure turn is to be completed

Altitude at which the procedure turn is to be made

Final approach course and altitude

Missed approach procedures if considered necessary