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Define HOP airspace per CAM Reg 7-1

Portion of HOP Class D airspace that encompasses Campbell Army Airfield, Destiny Army Heliport and the cantonment area, but excludes active restricted airspace.


Are remotely controlled aircraft authorized on Fort Campbell reservation or the cantonment area



What are HOP and HOP base operations duty hours

operational continuously


What are the aircraft rescue fire fighting operation duty hours

operational continuously


What restrictions are in place when ARFF is not on the airfield

hot refueling or defueling operations are prohibited


What is the fixed wing traffic pattern

Fixed wing are required to fly downwind north of Destiny 05/23
(1) Categories A and B - 1600 feet MSL
(2) Categories C, D and E - 2100 feet MSL


What is the airspeed for rotary wing

Not to exceed 100 KIAS


What is the traffic pattern for rotary wing

RY 05/23, RY 18/36 and Destiny 05/23
Day/NVD - 900 MSL
Night unaided - 1300 MSL


What restriction or special provision is required for Runway 18

Rotary Wing must remain north of intersection runway 05/23 and hold short of runway 05/23 on arrival closed traffic, fly crosswind over runway 23


What restriction or special provision is required for Skid row

Rotary wing closed traffic use runway 05/23 south traffic pattern


What restriction or special provision is required for Deck landing traffic

Rotary wing shall maintain 700 MSL, downing south of runway 05/23 and within 1/4 mile of skid row


What is the requirement for Helipads and SOD area usage

When possible, helicopters should use designated helipads rather than the main runway


What is unique about helipad patterns?

Helipad traffic patterns shall coincide with main runway patterns unless authorized by Campbell TWR.


Compass rose area

Single pad on southern end of Taxiway L


Name the SOD areas to which Campbell TWR may grant takeoff and landing clearance for day traffic?

Diamond, Triangle, Assault, West SOD, and Destiny Windsock


When can night hovering flights and departure be authorized from Diamond, triangle, assault, west SOD, attack SOD and Destiny windsock?

Upon pilot's request; such flights are at the "pilots own risk"


What does the movement area at HOP consist of?

and other airfield areas used for takeoffs and landings


Who authorizes operations from any movement area deemed closed

Campbell army airfield manager


What is required prior to crossing any runway or taxiway

tower clearance, by either radio communications or light-gun signal


What areas are identified as unlit SOD movement areas

Diamond, Triangle, Assault, Slope, Destiny Windsock, West SOD, Attack Sod, Chance, Storm, fury Sod


Aircraft will not over or ground taxi closer than how many feet from (what) without authorization?

100 feet
runway or helipads


What is required for wheeled aircraft?

Shall remain on the ground until cleared to reposition for takeoff. If not immediately cleared into position for takeoff, hovering aircraft will land while awaiting taxi or takeoff instructions


What are the Emergency procedures training areas?

1. RY5/23, aircraft with wheeled landing gear my conduct day or night training

2. RY18/36, all helicopters may conduct day and night training.

3. Destiny 5/23, all aircraft may conduct day and night training.

Skid aircraft will not conduct any type of running landings or touchdown auto-rotations with forward movement.


What are considered non-movement areas

Portion of twy K extending northwest from the southeast of Hanger 5, loading ramps, parking areas and all other areas of the airfield not classified as movement areas.


Aircraft will not operate closer than how many feet to (what)

100 feet
semi-permanent or temporary structures

75 feet to fixed facilities


Where are helicopter run ups performed

parking pads
taxiways and in sod when authorized by the tower


Where are aircraft main engine flushed conducted at

wash racks


Where are APU operations authorized

wash racks; anti-collision lights will be turned off


Where are fixed wing run ups authorized?

the taxiways perpendicular to runway 5/23 and will not be performed on parking ramps unless authorized by Campbell ground


What areas are closed for parking, run-ups and taxiing and why?

destiny ramp pads 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 and 96


Where are the VIP pads and what is required to use them?

in front of base operations and a PPR from Campbell airfield management


What are oasis operations hours

Monday - Thursday 1000-0200
Friday 1000-1800
Weekends, DONSAs and holidays are closed


When is refueling suspended at Oasis

when lightning is reported within 5 NM of Campbell army airfield


What is not authorized at Oasis

open port hot refueling


What will occur when a fire or other emergency occurs in Oasis

pilots must evaluate the situation and decide to either shutdown aircraft in place or fly away from Oasis.

Pilots choosing to fly away shall advise Campbell ground or tower and depart to avoid personnel, other aircraft, obstacles and the hazardous conditions


Who are not authorized to refuel aircraft



What is the Oasis south pad

single lighted pad in the sod between RY 5/23 and Oasis refueling facility and aligned with RY5/23


What is the Oasis south pad arrival procedures

after landing, aircraft hover straight ahead and contact Campbell ground for refueling instructions.


What actions are taken when congestion develops at Oasis

aircraft may be directed to land either on RY5/23 or on skid row and to hold in the south sod. Holding aircraft shall contact ground for clearance across RY5/23


What are the Oasis entry instructions from 18/36 arrivals

Aircraft will clear the runway and contact ground for refueling instructions. When directed to hold in the holding area A or B land, the holding aircraft shall receive a clearance from ground to cross TWY K into Oasis


How will aircraft depart from Oasis?

Departing aircraft will utilize runway 5/23, TWY k or Oasis south pad as directed by the tower


How many refueling pads are there and what points are available for use?

10 concrete pads, numbered 1 through 10 from northeast to southwest

7 points available to use and ground will assign the appropriate point


Primary pads for AH64s



Primary pads for CH47s



Primary pads for UH60s



Primary pads for OH58s



What is the preferred landing heading on Oasis pads

310 degrees. Advise ground if landing on headings 225 or 045 degrees because of adverse winds


What is required on all vehicles operating on the aircraft movement areas

approved Campbell army airfield ramp flag or daily pass issued by Campbell operations. This flag will be displayed inside the front windshield so it is visible from the tower


What are vehicles required to do while on movement areas during official sunset to sunrise and periods of limited visibility

all vehicles operated at HOP except airfield services vehicles will use dimmed headlights and flashing hazard lights. Headlights should be turned off when facing a taxiing/hovering aircraft


What are vehicles required to do while on movement areas during sunrise to sunset?

Four way flashers will be utilized. Headlights should be turned off when facing a taxiing/hovering aircraft but flashers shall remain on


Maximum speed limits for vehicles

vehicles towing aircraft 5MPH
vehicles on ramps 10 MPH
vehicles on runways/taxiways 15 MPH


What are the vehicle ground support equipment restrictions

shall not be parked or left unattended on the apron or in front of a hangar

shall not block fire lands or be parked within 50 feet of buildings /hangars

shall not be driven, store or parked on SOD areas

Shall not block aircraft wash racks

shall not be washed on aircraft wash racks

shall not be parked in such a manner that it impedes firefighting or rescue efforts around the hangar area


What is required for an aircraft being ground handled across RY 5/23?

Shall be escorted by transient alert at the intersection of TWY E and freedom ramp


What is required for an aircraft being ground handled at Assault ramp?

Shall be escorted by transient alert at the intersection of TWY G and Assault Ramp


What are the aircraft load out procedures?

Coordinate in writing with Airfield mgmt. at least 5 duty days prior to mission execution date to reserve ramp space

DACG or DACG-certified personnel will be on site at all times to ensure mission safety

Unless an approved Engine run operation, personnel are not authorized in the aircraft movement area until aircraft wheels are choked and engines are shutdown

If the mission is conducted on the cargo ramp, aircraft movement area includes perimeter road east of the ramp

POVs transporting personnel to mission sites will park only in areas approved by the airfield manager and are not authorized on the ramps, taxiways or aircraft movement areas.

Hot cargo pad operations on cargo ramp require the unit conducting operations to place barriers at the northeast end of the cargo ramp, perimeter road and intersection of JI line road and cargo ramp, closing the road and ramp to nonparticipating aircraft


What is the minimum lateral separation distances between powered helicopters and obstacles and or other aircraft in load out areas.

Load out aircraft - 100 feet
fixed or mobile obstacles - 75 feet
between OH/UH/AH aircraft - 80 feet
between CH and other aircraft 160 feet


Define the North Test Flight area procedures

use west corridor to enter and depart
CTAF is 41.475
max and min altitudes are 10000 and 1500 MSL
Test flying west of KY highway 117 is prohibited
Shall flight following with approach


describe the North test flight area boundaries

Begin at grid DF 490 662
proceed east on 66 grid line to KY highway 107
northeast along KY high 107 to a 5SM arc west and north around Hopkinsville until reaching north-south railroad tracks
proceed north along tracks to the city of Crofton
then southwest direct to the city of Cerulean
from Cerulean south along railroad tracks to the city of Gracey
then south along KY highway 117 to grid DF 490 662


Define the North Test Flight area procedures

Enter and depart the area direct from EOD
CTAF 49.875
Max and Min altitudes are 10000 and 1500 MSL
Flight follow with approach


describe the North test flight area boundaries

From RPO, proceed south to sailor's rest chapel, south to spring hill, southeastward to ellis mills.
eastward to Cumberland furnace, north along TN highway 48 to Hilltop and northwestward to road junction then west along US highway 79 RPO


Define East Corridor

For VFR, SVFR or CVFR traffic departing or arriving HOP and the cantonment area from the east


East corridor dimensions

Altitudes inbound 1300 MSL
outbound 1500 MSL


East corridor controlling agency

inbound VFR traffic requesting radar service contact approach prior to RP Kennedy

Aircraft declining radar services contact Campbell tower prior to RP Kennedy


What are the reporting point for east corridor

Kennedy and Pembroke


What does the east corridor follow

follows the I24 from intersection I24 and TN Highway 48 (RP Kennedy) to intersection of I24 and KY highway 115 (RP Pembroke)


Define west Corridor

for VFR, SVFR and CVFR traffic departing or arriving HOP from the north or west


West corridor dimensions

Altitude inbound 1300 MSL
outbound 1500 MSL


Controlling agency for west corridor

HOP tower prior to RP Herndon


What are the reporting point for west corridor



What does the west corridor follow

follows Highway 117 from Herndon to a point directly north of CAAF. HOP will not authorize opposite direction arrivals or departures for West corridor CVFR traffic


What is the Masonville transition

a reporting point for VFR and SVFR traffic departing or arriving CAAF to or from the north


What does the Gold corridor follow

begins along the 101st airborne road and perimeter road to its intersection with 2nd street (waterplant), heading 320 degrees to intercept railroad at the intersection of wickham ave and 11th street, then along railroad to CAAF.


Cantonment Pad1

Screaming eagle blv and KY - HQ, 101st AVN DIV


Cantonment Pad2

Hospital Pad and windsock


Cantonment HLA1

DF 600 549 Hospital


Cantonment HLA2

Quarters 101st HQ, 101st AVN DIV


Cantonment HLA3

53rd and TN 1st and 2nd BDE


Which Pad/Landing areas are SVFR only



Which Pad/Landing areas are CVFR

Pad 1


Which pads are utilized by air ambulances to BACH

Pad 2