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Provide aircraft engaged in the flight inspection of NAVAIDs with ____________ _______________.

maximum assistance


What is the procedure criteria for special handling?

a. Clear the a/c according to pilot request as soon as practical. DO NOT ask the pilot to deviate except to preclude an emergency situation

b. Issue radar advisories where adequate coverage exists and workload permitting

c. suggest flight path adjustments as required for any aircraft which will enter or penetrate an area in which a flight inspection is being performed.

d. Provide special handling to FAA a/c using the call sign "Flight Check"


Define ATC procedures when controlling Flight Check aircraft

Provide special handling to expedite flight inspection of NAVAIDs and RADAR by flight check aircraft

avoid changes in the route or altitude from that filed by the pilot in the initial flight plan

do not impose air traffic control delays in the flight except to preclude and emergency

do not change the previously assigned discrete beacon code of special radar accuracy flight check aircraft.


Provide special handling to military aircraft or military contracted aircraft carrying dangerous materials when

The words "dangerous cargo" or "inert devices" or both are contained in the remarks section of a flight plan (or)

the pilot uses these words in radio communication


Devices containing no dangerous materials but closely resembling nuclear or explosive items that are classified as dangerous and could be easily mistaken for the dangerous counterpart

Inert devices


What must be accomplished when it becomes necessary to issue a clearance to amend the route/altitude of an aircraft carrying dangerous materials

Advise the pilot of the proposed change (and)

the amount of delay to expect if it is necessary to maintain the present route/altitude


When an aircraft carrying dangerous materials is provided an en route descent, what restrictions are placed on ATC

Do not vector the aircraft from the planned route unless the pilot concurs


What actions are taken when an experimental aircraft requires special handling

clear the aircraft according to pilot requests as traffic permits and if not contrary to ATC procedures

once approved, do not ask the pilot to deviate