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Mneu: Voluble--

1) characterized by a ready and continuous flow of words; fluent; glib; talkative: a voluble spokesman for the cause.


Sent:  Where he is voluble and brash, she measures her words. He has an unusual gift before audiences, fluidly using folksy stories about his parents to explain his political philosophy. She is warm but private; colleagues who have worked closely with her struggled to name her friends and said they had never heard the life story she now tells on the trail.

But like Mr. Christie, Ms. Buono warms to a fight.




verb (used with object), un·der·gird·ed or un·der·girt, un·der·gird·ing.
1.to strengthen; secure, as by passing a rope or chain under and around: to undergird a top-heavy load.
2.to give fundamental support; provide with a sound or secure basis: ethics undergirded by faith.

Sent: It's tricky, because the ideas undergirding a TED talk are both the point and, for viewers seeking a generic TED-type thrill, essentially beside it: the appeal of TED comes as much for its presentation as from its substance.


To wit: key elements in our corporate and political class — mediated by the Republican Party — are now disassociated from the norms and ideals that undergird America’s hard-won social contract between the elite and non-elite sectors in our country.



MNEU: Precise

1. A concise summary

Those elements--an opening of direct address, a narrative of personal stake, a ressearch summary, a precis of potential applications, a revelation to drive it home, and an ending that says, Go forth and help humanity--form the basic arc of many TED talks.




MNEU: French (sortir: to go out).

1. a rapid movement of troops from a besieged place to attack the besiegers.
2. a body of troops involved in such a movement.
3.the flying of an airplane on a combat mission.
verb (used without object)
4.to go on a sortie; sally forth.



 A. adj.
1. Skipping about, jumping or flitting from one thing to another; irregularly shifting, devious; wavering, unsteady. lit. and fig.

 2. a. Pursuing a disconnected and irregular course of action; unmethodical.

b. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; Coming disconnectedly random: a desultory remark.

Sent: It can be given to a friend or set in a vase to add some substance to a desultory room.

Sent: “There is a great piece of footage Ronnie filmed at the Factory,” said Mr. Moenks, in which a naked Victor Hugo — the handsome Venezuelan boyfriend of the designer Halston and a Factory acolyte of the 1970s — is having desultory sex with another man painted gold in strategic places while Warhol stands by obliviously on the phone.

Sent: “The Canyons” initially appears to be doing much the same, as in a desultory introductory scene set at a bar-restaurant, except that idealism isn’t anywhere on the menu.



Sent; One way is to see ideas as entities that speak for themselves, that can be harvested, that inspire and uplift people who handle them--sunflowers of the mind.



1)Go counter to the advice or wishes of others, or what is reasonable; willful; disobedient; wrongheaded, intractable, self-willed; froward, perverse.

-Wayward Intellectual Finds God

-The Final Frontier for Wayward Wall Street?

2) Capricious; erratic : wayward impulse

-The Wayward Media

3) turning or changing irregularly; irregular wayward breeze

Mneu: Prison ward out of my way.



Untruthfulness; tendency to lie

2) an instance of lying; falsehood



Insidious cunning in attaining a goal; crafty or artful deception; duplicity.



Remaining within; inherent. 2) Taking place within the mind of the subject; having no effect outside of it. OPP: Transeunt.

 1. Indwelling, inherent; actually present or abiding in; remaining within.In recent philosophy applied to the Deity regarded as permanently pervading and sustaining the universe, as distinguished from the notion of an external transcendent creator or ruler.

a)immanent principle (with Kant), a principle limited to the realm of experience: opposed totranscendental principle.

-In “The Shadow of the Hummingbird,” a short, sweet and very slight new play written by, and starring, the venerable South African playwrightAthol Fugard, the old man tries to reawaken in his grandson (and in himself) an appreciation of the beauty and the wonder immanent in the world outside the windows of his study in Southern California. 

-Not those great transformative forces, not demonstrations of power or powerlessness, not an invocation of divine forces demanding submission or sacrifice — but hints of individuality, introspection, personality and the immanent ordinariness of divinities.

-Louise M. Anthony says that “We “moralistic atheists” do not see right and wrong as artifacts of a divine protection racket. Rather, we find moral value to be immanent in the natural world, arising from the vulnerabilities of sentient beings and from the capacities of rational beings to recognize and to respond to those vulnerabilities and capacities in others.”

2. immanent act (action) : an act which is performed entirely within the mind of the subject, and produces no external effect; opposed to atransient or transitive act. Now rare.



a landing place, of solid masonry (often), constructed along the edge of a body of water; wharf.



artistic composition (usually literary or dramatic) that vulgarizes lofty material.



1) to frighten with threats, violence, etc; intimidate.



to move restlessly or aimlessly form one place to another: to gad about n) the act of gadding



M: Soil 




M: Tough to slough bad habits.

Verb: to be or become shed or cast off. To dispose or get rid of. (often followed by off)

  • ex: to slough off a bad habit.
  • Slough over: to treat as slight or trivial. ex: to sough over a friend's mistake.

S: I wish it were that people could all simply “move beyond that” at will, that they were able to simply choose to slough off the cumulative accrual of centuries of systematic anti-black negativity.

1) Swamp

2) a condition of degradation, despair, helplessness

S: The so-so economy of the last few years could stop stocks from tipping into a long slough in the market. 

3) mass or layer of dead tissue

4) anything that is shed or cast off.