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Move quickly



get rid of lice



recklessly uninhibited; unrestrained; undisciplined; orgiastic.



M: Lithe in spirit (lying around)

1) Joyous and merry in disposition-blithe spirit

2) without thought or regard; carefree; heedless ex: a blithe indifference to anyone's feelings.

  • S:  (Her soliloquy of submission toward the end is softened to a kind of blithe eye-rolling.)
  • S: A native of the Bronx, he is a terrific dancer who possesses an innate sense of rhythm and a blithe lack of self-consciousness.



M: Proteus the sea god/changing forms

1) Readily assuming different forms or characters. 

versatile; able to play many roles; changeable in shape or form.

  • S: But the club’s president, David McIntosh, said his group was still grappling with how to handle the protean Mr. Trump, whose appeal is based less on policy positions than on tapping into the raw anger.
  • S: Her protean imagination, which found inspiration in all manner of artistic practice from contemporary...



M: Going in LOOPS in logic.

eccentric; crazy; dotty

2)befuddled or confused, especially due to intoxication

S: A loose, loopy and enjoyable seminar on the making of the movie and its influence on pop culture,

S: And fashion shows were unabashedly loopy, said Dovanna Pagowski, who during a long modeling career was sent onto runways dressed as a man, as



M: Recede and recidivism

Repeated or habitual relapse, as into crime

S: holding criminals personally accountable is certainly good news, but coddling people is just one factor in a system that encourages recidivism at the expense of taxpayers. 



M: Warrior character was re-criminated

Countercharge against accuser

To accuse in return.

S: T. S. Eliot wove St. Augustine’s self-recriminating words into “The Waste Land,” deepening its subtext of sexual regret.

S: After pages of inaction and recriminating conversations with his wife, he decides to revisit Egypt, nursing the vague hope that a vacation will revive his flagging marriage and restore his sense of peace.



M: The lawyer enjoined a rejoinder.

Answer; response law: a defendant's answer to a plaintiff's replication (reply)

S: An Iranian diplomat used the occasion on Monday to deliver a pointed rejoinder to those critics. 

S: With her “Choreographer’s Score” series, Ms. De Keersmaeker offers a kind of rejoinder to the much romanticized evanescence of dance, documenting her own history, not letting it disappear. 



M: Sidle the Aisles

1) To move sideways

2) to edge along furtively

S: Some short story writers — ­Chekhov, Alice Munro, William Trevor — sidle up and tap you gently on the shoulder: Come, they murmur, sit down, listen to what I have to say.

S: These days, it has become common for Brooklyn expats to make the journey back over bridge and through tunnel. They turn up at their favorite specialty grocery stores on the weekends, stroll the promenade with their families just as they did when they were locals and sidle up to bars where the staff still knows their poison — and their children’s names.



M: Similar/Simpatico

Likeminded in disposition or opinion (identical)

S: Nearby is another pairing that emphasizes a different relationship, one that ended up being more adversarial than simpatico.

S: Still, the older Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and the plucky Anna (Kristen Bell) were not the simpatico kind of sisters.

S: And yet a married friend who described his wife as his “best friend” said he was happy to take a high degree of simpatico over a high degree of sexual pull. “I can walk down the street and be attracted to 10 people and want to have sex with them,” he said, “but it doesn’t mean they’re going to make me happy. It doesn’t mean I’d want to live the day-to-day with them. There are always going to be trade-offs.”



M: A sim card smiling.

To smile in a silly, self-conscious way.

Verb: to say with a simper.

S: Ms. O’Hara is the modern incarnation of the traditional operetta ingénue; she doesn’t flutter or simper.



M: Barky/Snarky

1) testy or irritable; short

2) Having rude or critical tone or manner

S: Quiet as she is with entrances, her snarky, resounding and hard-hitting speeches slamming the PAP have carved their way into being a crowd...

S: While Bush engaged with Trump in a contest of snarky Instagram videos last week, he also tried to short-circuit Trump's appeal by joining in bemoaning


Tony (toniest)

M: A Tony dressed in Dior.




M: Stow your emotion in overhead bin.

Showing little emotion or grief.

S:  It wasn’t a stretch to say that the often-stoic and always fierce Williams was cracking, with chunks of her previously impenetrable shell chipping off, bit by bit, onto the Open’s blue courts.