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a repository for dead bodies



a pipe, tube, or the like, for conveying water or other fluid. a duct



the fatty tissue or suet of animals 2) any of various similar fatty substances. v) to smear with tallow



1) a feather 5) a tuft of feathers, or some substitute worn as an ornament. 8) vertically moving, rising, or explanding fluid body, as of smoke or water. Verb 11) to furnish, cover, or adorn w/ plumes or feathers 12) (of a bird) to preen itself 13) to feel complacent satisfaction w/ (oneself), pride (often followed by on or upon. ex. she sat before a mirror pluming herself upon her beauty.



1) a great wave or surge of the sea

2) any surging mass billows of smoke

Verb 1) to swell out/ puff up as by action of wind. ex: flags billowing in the wind. A sudden wind billowed the tent. In dry weather, dust billows from the ground.


Mneu: Pillows expanding (pillows billowed)



1)Causing or being a subject for grief; lamentable: The deplorable death of a friend

2)Being a subject for censure, reproach, or disapproval; wretched. ex. you have deplorable manners.





person who is strict in moral or religious matters, often excessively so.



disgrace, dishonor, public contempt ex: his presidency threatens to end in ignominy. 2)shameful or dishonorable quality or conduct.



M: Think burnish

1. To shine by friction; polish

2. Make bright and flossy; overspread with lustre (also fig)

S: Because of the burnished mist through which I peered at the picture, I was slow in reacting to it, and her bare knees rubbed and knocked impatiently against each other.

  • Burnish /Burnish and buffing at cobblers
  • Buff/Buffy sinking her fangs into fur
  • Furbish To remove rust from; brighten by polishing /Fur being glazed and put in kiln
  • Glaze to fill in, enclose with glass. /Glaze being scoured so much so that it wears it back to clay.
  • Scour to cleanse and polish by hard rubbing. /Scour pad being used to varnish floor,
  • Varnish




M: Torry biking.

1. performed merely as a routine duty; hasty and superficial; carried out with minimal effort.

2. lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; indifferentor apathetic:

  • Perfunctory Torry biking and looks at derailleur which says Degage
  • Degage (with accents) either unconstrained and easy or w/out emotional involvement. /Derailleur keeps breaking and is cursed
  • Cursory Running over something fast, taking no note of details.
  • Formulaic /Curses are made up of formulas.  



 1. Capable of being easily crumbled or reduced to powder; pulverizable, crumbly.

S: I cautiously increased the magic friction that was doing away, in an illusional, if not factual, sense, with the physically irremovable, but psychologically very friable texture of the material divide (pajamas and robe) between the weight of two sunburnt legs, resting athwart my lap, and the hidden tumor of an unspeakable passion.

  • Friable /Friar being old and frail
  • Frail /Frail and bitter
  • Brittle (as glass)/ Bitter crumbs
  • Crumbly/Crumbs being vulnerable
  • Pulverable/pulverulent/ vulnerable paper
  • Papery/ Paper as Wafer-thin.
  • Waffer-thin





1. Of persons: Begot or born out of wedlock; illegitimate, bastard, adulterous; Fig.

2. Superficially resembling or simulating, but lacking the genuine character or qualities of, something; not true or genuine; false, sham, counterfeit:

S: Everybody got so fed up with this that I soon dropped the project completely, and only toward the end of my twenty months of cold labor (as one of the botanists jocosely put it) concocted a perfectly spurious and very racy report that the reader will find published in the Annals of Adult Psycho-physics for 1945 or 1946, as well as...

  • Spurious /Spurs on Apocolypse now.
  • Apocryphal of doubtful authenticity. /Apocolypse now a Fictive tail on title

S: Handbags owned by late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, whose apocryphal use of them to bludgeon opponents gave rise to the term "handbagging", are to be auctioned after a museum said talks about adding items from her wardrobe to its collection had led nowhere.

  • Fictive /Fictive tale going to junk yard. 

S: Zack and his dorky sidekick Champ (Ryan Lee) inadvertently unleash Slappy the Dummy, who in turn sets loose his fellow fictive hordes, and “Goosebumps” becomes your standard kids cavalcade.

  • Junky/schlock/Junk yard and pinching pennies from Junk yard.
  • Pinchbeck / Pinching pennies to buy head phones/ An alloy containing a high proportion of copper and a low proportion of zinc which is used chiefly in making cheap jewellery, on account of its resemblance to gold; Fig. A thing that is false, counterfeit, cheap, or worthless; spec. something that appears valuable but is actually cheap or tawdry. 

Crystal is the novel’s voice of conscience, as distrustful of the mercantile aspects of the self-help industry as she is determined to attain, in an authentic form, the pinchbeck transcendence it peddles.

  • Phony/ Pseudo/ Synthetic /Headphones end up not fitting cause slanted.
  • Slanted Biased; tendentious /Headphones playing shazam
  • ShamShoddy /Shazam underneath the tinsel 
  • Tinsel passing into n. used attrib. Of satin, etc.: Made to sparkle or glitter by the interweaving of gold or silver thread, by brocading with such thread, or by overlaying with a thin coating of gold or silver; fig. Anything showy or attractive with little or no intrinsic worth; something that gives a deceptively fine or glittering appearance.
  • Titivated to make smart or spruce; to ‘touch up’ in the way of adornment, put the finishing touches to. Also with off, up.​




1) a. To make a hole or holes right through; to pierce; (in later use) esp. to make a row of small holes in (paper, etc.) so that a part may be torn off easily. Also fig.

b. Of a channel, passage, tunnel, network, etc.: to pass through; to extend or be continued through the substance of. Usu. in pass., with by, with; to penetrate.

 S: under a mound of quinoa, sunset-colored carrots and purple broccoli; fried capers, near-crisp nubs of salt that perforate the cool crunch of iceberg lettuce over patatas bravas​.

  • Perforate /Perforating Van Gough's ear.
  • Gouge/Gore /Gough driving Impala

S: At its worst, capitalism produces pharmaceutical companies that gouge for lifesaving drugs, insurance companies that drop people once they get sick...

  • Impale/Impala driven by pricked by gigantic finger prick

S: If someone isn’t about to inadvertently impale you with a selfie-stick, another may catch you on video with a recreational drone, like the DJI

  • Prick /Gigantic finger prick puncturing a balloon

S: Loo sat down in her chair, pricking the deceased epithelium of her hand.

  • Puncture /Punctured balloon then being skewered.

S: It was a poignant reminder of the inherent diversity of our culture. Days later, the attack on the Shiite procession punctured whatever sense we may have had that all was well in Bangladesh. ​

  • Skewer

S: Back in 1998, would American readers have bristled at such a skewering of their dietary peccadilloes — by a foreigner, no less?



 2. Sharp; piercing; that has sharp points. Now:  (a) Bot. (esp. of a leaf) ending in a sharp stiff point;  (b) Zool. (of a part or organ) having a sharp inflexible point; used for puncturing.

3. Forcefully or incisively expressed; (of argument, opinion, etc.) convincing, persuasive; sharply critical; (of censure) trenchant, biting.

a. Affecting the sense organs, esp. those of smell or taste, with a sharp, penetrating sensation; acrid, irritant; intensely flavoured, piquant.​

S: I lost myself in the pungent but healthy heat which like summer haze hung about little Haze.

  • Pungent Pungpoa chicken with Asperagus
  • Asperous Harsh to the feelings; bitter, cruel, severe.​ /Asperagous on a string 
  • Astringent /A string around acrib 

S: But most, reflecting their crab apple ancestry, are too tart and astringent to be commercially viable. 

  • Acrid/Acerbic /Acrib being bit (tool bit)
  • Biting/Cutting /Bit screwing into a morbid
  • MordantOf a person, his or her wit, a remark, etc.: having or showing a sharply critical quality; biting, caustic, incisive; also, corrosive (fig.) /Morbid tickling the nose.

S: The sight was so mesmerizing that I didn’t, for the moment, focus on the mordant message to the world, etched in the toilet-stall window: “Enjoying the view?”

  • Nose-tickling/ Tickling nose with Pee
  • Piquant: having a (usually pleasantly) pungent or sharp taste; sharp; tangy; appetizing. /Peeing on a tart.
  • Tart



1. Marked with roundish spots, patches, or blotches of a different colour or shade; spotted, speckled.

S: I had had some eperience in my life of pederosis; had visually possessed dappled nymphets in parks (Lolita, 53).




1. Chiefly of fluids: Free from turbidity or suspended matter; pellucid, clear; fig.

Clear as day/ Clear as the nose on one's face





Plain as pikestaffs













1. The action of distending; distended condition; expansion by stretching or swelling out.

S: What had begun as a delicious distension of my innermost roots became a glowing tingle which now had reached that state of absolute security, confidence and reliance not found elsewhere in conscious life.

S: He attended the label’s recent show during Paris fashion week; the day after, both he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, were seen wearing the label’s signature reworked hooded sweatshirts with distended sleeves.

  • Distended
  • Dilated Our conversation — dilating through the middle of the day, across a meal of roast pork, salad, fruit and cheese — was marked by a dizzying array of verbal annotations to postmodern philosophers and renegade biologists, to Filipino patriots and French publishing executives, all part of a flow of observation, speculation and anecdote.​
  • Bloated The Yankees seem to understand that their best hope of long-term success, and some semblance of payroll sanity, is to integrate younger players while waiting for bloated contracts to expire, improving around the margins to contend in the meantime.​
  • Bulging That was on top of the bulging manila folders of his vintage notes, which dated back to the 1930s when a teenaged Gardner first began​
  • Puffed out/Puffy and 17th-century women with powdered bouffant wigs picnic at the bottom of the ocean while a pair of puffy white poodles look on​
  • Tumescent/Turgid/Tumid. Trumpusconi is a study in the peril and pitfalls of unchecked testosterone and tumescent avarice. It’s a commentary on wealth in the Western world: how ardently certain blowhards pursue it, how much the rest of us forgive in those who attain it, how thoroughly we equate money and accomplishment.​



1. Consisting of parts which are ill arranged; ill constructed, ill composed: said esp. of literary and artistic compositions.​

2. Unformed, crude; without delicacy of finish; rude, unpolished, unrefined.

S: ...But my tale is sufficiently incondite already.



1. Originally: (of an organ or tissue, soil, or other substance) having the constituent material or particles loose or not closely packed together; not dense or compact; attenuated. In later use chiefly: (of air or a gas) having low density, thin (though cf.rare gas n. at Special uses 2). Also fig., with reference to the workings of the mind: refined, subtle, rarefied.



1. To bark, properly applied to the deep voice of a large dog, as a hound or mastiff. Const. on, at (with indirect passive ‘to be bayed at’).

2. fig. Applied (depreciatively) to the noise of human assailants; assail with barking.

S: And when, by the means of pitifully ardent, naively lascivious caresses, she of the boble nipple and massive thigh prepared me for the performance of my nightly duty, it was still a nymphet's scent that in despair I tried to pick up, as I bayed through the undergrowth of dark decaying forests.



 1. Worked or woven in the style of brocade; ornamented with brocade.

S: But in our middle-class nosy era it would not have come off the way it used to in the brocaded palaces of the past (Lolita, 82).



1. Fated to die, doomed to death; also, at the point of death; dying.

2. Disordered in mind like one about to die; possessing or displaying magical, fairylike, or unearthly qualities. Now freq. used ironically, in sense ‘affected, whimsy’.

S: How different were her movements form those of my Lolita, when she used to visit me in her dear dirty blue jeans, smelling of orchards in nymphetland; awkward and fey,  and dimly depraced, the lower buttons of her shirt unfastened.



1. intr. To bark sharply, as a small dog; to yelp

2. transf. To speak snappishly.

3. To talk idly or loquaciously; to chatter. Also trans., with quoted words as obj. slang (orig. dial.).

S: ...but not loud enough to drown out hte rhythmical yaps of the Hunk setter walking from group to group.