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V) 1) To act in secret concert with, chiefly in order to trick or baffle some third person or party; to play into one another's hands; to conspire, plot, connive; to play false; to act in play merely.

-After Amazon's legal triumph, some publishing people were driven to the wild surmise that the company had colluded with the Justice Department, if not micromanaged the case.

-HURRICANE FLOYD: LOOKING AHEAD; Growth and Government Collude in Creating a Hazard.

-The N.F.L. denied that owners colluded. “There was no collusion,” the league said in a statement. “There was no agreement. These claims are totally unfounded.”





1) to frighten; scare. (hared, harring).


2)  intr. b. To run or move with great speed. Also with it.

-The scene played out, the law fell into disorder, guns were drawn, the plot hared on, but the instruction had been unambiguously issued, and form that moment on, until Sunday February 2nd, 2014, we obeyed. Philip Seymour Hoffman told us to look, and we did.


Hare-brained: Having or showing no more ‘brains’ or sense than a hare; heedless, reckless; rash, wild, mad. Of persons, their actions, etc.




Clammy state or quality; sticky dampness, moist, viscosity, adhesiveness, tenacity.

-With escalating clammy desperation he hurtles toward his fate, ticktock, ticktock. 

-He said his grandfather took the prosciutto to a cabin 6,500 feet above sea level where it could dry properly, far from the clammy Adriatic winds.

b. Of bread: Doughy. Of soil, earth: Moist and unctuous.

 c. Of liquids: Viscid.

 d. Of vapour, perspiration, mist, etc.: Damp, and as it were clinging to the skin.

-Her skin was sallow and felt cool and clammy to the touch.

-And yet, even in this enlightened age, I’ve had two relationships end — at least in large part — thanks to that clammy-palmed discussion in which couples plot hypothetical milestones and life goals.

†2. fig. Sluggish, lagging (like a clammy slug).


Camp (ness)

 1) Ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical; effeminate or homosexual; pertaining to or characteristic of homosexuals.

-When Harper Lee, scorns Capote, on a train, for paying the porter to praise his books, her censure just slides off him, and the campness of his cackle.

-Ruth, cannily perverse, thought this would make a great children’s book. And so was born “Phantom Trucker,” the campy tale of a deranged undead trucker who travels up and down I-95

-As the 20-something patrons poured in, he managed to check the lists and keep things moving, while working some campy banter into every transaction.

2) Camp’ behaviour, mannerisms, etc. (see quot. 1909 at sense A.); a man exhibiting such behaviour.




a. An impetuous rush (e.g. of troops). 

b. In English use chiefly abstr.: Ardour, impetuousness, vivacity.

-At the Bolshoi, Alexei Bogorad conducted it with élan and charm.

-If you prefer yours presented with all the cheer of a tall tale told in a pub and put together with the artistic élan of a family Christmas newsletter, you will strike gold with “The Real Way Round.”



 Characterized by glitter or extravagant show; ostentatious, glamorous; hence, tawdry, gaudy; glitteringly spectacular, but in poor taste. Cf.

-Goodbye, Glitzy Condo Pitches.

-Where a Glitzy Pop Contest Takes Priority Over Rights.

glitz n.  [as a back-formation] an extravagant but superficial display; showiness, ostentation, esp. show-business glamour or sparkle.




  Malicious enjoyment of the misfortunes of others.

-Mr. Borovina is indulging in what seems to be this summer's favorite guilty pleasure — delighting in others' misfortune, or schadenfreude. 



a total departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.


Mneu: (Apo-away from) stacy.



1) To show to be false; contradict

2) To misrepresent ex: his gently impish demeanor belies very strong principles.

3) To act unworthily according to the standards of (a tradition, one's ancestry, one's faith, etc)

Mneu: Lie



To associate on very friendly terms ex: she often hobnobs with royalty ex:afforded the chance to network and hobnob 2)a friendly informal chat.



1. an ill-tempered, grouchy person. 2. an unbalanced person who is overzealous in the advocacy of a private cause. 3. an eccentric or whimsical notion. 4. Strikingly clever turn of speech or play on words.



M: Think a Gopher gophering a hole.

1. To mine unsystematically

b) to enlarge a hole successively larger




To be extraordinarily pleased; bursting with pride as in one's family.



to disclaim knowledge of, connection with; or responsibility for; disown; repudiate



unearth; exhume 2) Bring from obscurity into view. ex: the authors autobiography disintered a ...