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Describe Erickson's PsychoSocial Development

1. Trust vs. Mistrust (Hope)
2. Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt (Will)
3. Initiative vs. Guilt (Purpose)
4. Industry vs. Inferiority (Competence)
5. Identity vs. Role Confusion (Fidelity)
6. Intimacy vs. Isolation (Love)
7. Generativity vs. Stagnation (Care)
8. Integrity vs. Despair (Wisdom)


Describe Freud's PsychoSexual Development

0-1: Oral Stage (Mouth)
1-3: Anal Stage (Anus)
3-5: Phallic Stage (Genitals, and Oedipus/Electra)
5-Puberty: Latency (N/A)
Puberty-Adulthood: Genital Stage (Genitals, normal sexual relationships, given previous stages resolved)


Moral Reasoning Development (Kohlberg)

Pre-Conventional: Obedience---Self-Interest

Conventional: Conformity---Law and Order

Post-Conventional: Social Contract---Universal Human Ethics


Cultural Development (Vygotsky)

Main force behind cognitive development is internalization of culture

Zone of Proximal Development and More Knowledgable Other


Describe Looking Glass Self (Cooley)

We develop our self-concept and identities from our interactions with other people, based on our perceptions of how others perceive us


What is social behaviorism? (Mead)

Idea that our minds and sense of self develop through communicating with others

Prep Stage: children unaware others see world differently
Play stage: Able to take on role of others, see the world from different perspectives
Game Stage: Children can learn and play multiple roles at once

Last development is understanding of behavioral expectations of society, called generalized other



One's own measure of self-worth



One's own measure of efficacy or effectiveness, ability to carry out actions


Locus of Control


Extent to which people believe they have control over their lives and events that affect them


Describe learned helplessness

Using external locus of control too much, people can stop making decisions, having no confidence they have control