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What is sexual orientation?

A term used to describe what gender you are attracted to.


Describe the difference between gay and men who have sex with men.

Gay is an identity (as is lesbian, bisexual etc.) however, men who have sex with men is a behaviour.


What is the gender binary model?

There are two separate categories: men and women. They are anatomically distinct, also, men should look masculine and women delicate.


What is gender identity?

Someone's internal perception and experience of their gender.


What is gender role or expression?

The way the person lives in society and interacts with others.


What does it mean to be transgender?

An umbrella term for those whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from their birth sex.


Define the term transsexual person.

Someone who feels a consistent and overwhelming desire to transition and fulfil their life as a member of the opposite sex. Some transsexual people undergo ‘gender reassignment’ under medical supervision.


Why does the LGBT population experience poorer health in general?

Discrimination and marginalisation in many different areas of life, therefore:
-More anxiety/stress/depression
-Lower self esteem (less likely to use protection)
-Isolation (less support)
-Unhealthy coping mechanisms
-Poorer sexual education
-Sub-culture (lots of drugs, alcohol available)


What the specific health needs of the LGBT community?

-Mental health
-Substance use
-Cancer - women (due to more health related behaviours and HPV transmission)
-Cancer - men (more likely to contract anal cancer and more health related behaviours)


Which two STIs are more common in the men who have sex with men (MSM) category?



Give some examples of bad healthcare towards LGBT.

-Ignoring partners
-Betraying confidences
-Assume an identity is a disease/disorder
-Add in your own opinions/prejudices


What do LGBT people want from healthcare?

-Validate their identity